Coronation Street boss on big new plot – “It scares me”

Coronation Street boss Kate Oates says her team has a storyline in the pipeline that has her fearful of the way it’s going to be received.

The show’s producer refused to reveal exactly what’s going to happen or which characters are involved but admitted that what she has planned “scares me a bit”.

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Speaking as part of a Radio Times Corrie special, Kate said: “At the moment, there are still stories I’m passionate about telling. We’re doing one next year that scares me a bit, but if it’s taken in the way we intend, it could do a lot of good.

“And that’s one of the reasons I’m proud of, say, the miscarriage and grooming stories. I feel that Coronation Street can help people by reaching out and promoting discussion. Everything’s better if we chat about it.”

She added: “Matt Cleary, who is my head of production, has this analogy that Coronation Street is Prince William and Emmerdale is Prince Harry.

“So, here at Corrie, we’re next in line to the throne and we have to behave in a certain way. Whereas Emmerdale can hang out at hot-tub parties  and date an American actress. And that is absolutely true.”

And Kate admits that there is still a way to go when it comes to representing different ethnicities on the Corrie cobbles.

She said: “In terms of reflecting diversity and showing black and Asian characters, yes, we absolutely need to do more of it.

“And we need more black and Asian writers, to bring out the truth of those voices. It’s important to keep the show strong and relevant, so that it’s running long after everyone’s forgotten who I am.”

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