Coronation Street expansion plans revealed

Coronation Street fans will know that the iconic set is being expanded and now the show’s boss has revealed what to expect.

And it seems like when the work is finished Corrie will be more like a village than just a street with more businesses and even a park.

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Kate told What’s On TV that the construction will be finished by spring next year when it will make its debut on screen. There will be a couple of new businesses and we’re going to have a little park area. So not everything will happen at the Red Rec.

“Sometimes we say in the story office that if Maxine hadn’t died where would people go to think – because it is Maxine’s bench where people have their pensive moments.

“So they will have somewhere else for a pensive moment. You want precincts where people can gather.

“There may also be another eatery with a different kind of vibe. We have already got the cafe and bistro. It’s nice to see a community feel.

“It does well for social dynamics if you’ve got people who were friends who are now colleagues or someone is someone’s boss. It always adds a nice energy.”

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