Coronation Street spoiler – Adam clashes with Daniel over Ken’s attack

The investigation into Ken Barlow’s attacker hots up next week as the Barlows turn on each other and Sinead Tinker is questioned by police.

The week kicks off in dramatic style when Daniel sets off for his exam when Adam approaches and bundles him into the boot of Ken’s car.

In a deserted car park, Adam hauls Daniel out of the boot and using the record facility on his phone, tells him it’s time he confessed to the attack on Ken.

Adam goads Daniel, suggesting that Sinead had something to do with Ken’s attack. As he urges him to confess to attempted murder, Daniel’s had enough and knocking Adam to the ground, jumps in Ken’s car and speeds off.

Adam returns home and confronts Ken about his run in with Sinead but Ken’s heard enough and orders him to leave. Refusing to back down, Adam phones the police and points the finger at Sinead.

The police arrive at the bistro and take Sinead away for questioning. Will she reveal to the police how Ken forced her to have an abortion thus making herself a prime suspect?

The police then question Daniel again about his movements on the night of Ken’s attack, as they’ve found discrepancies with the tram ticket he provided as part of his alibi.

Ken calls at the flat and apologises to Sinead for all that he’s put her through. As he makes to leave, Ken’s horrified to recognise a pair of trainers.

Back at home Ken tells Roy that he remembers seeing the trainers when he was pushed, meaning the owner must be his attacker. A visibly scared Ken shows Peter the trainers, revealing he knows who is attacker is and shaken, he calls the police…

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