Coronation Street spoiler – Anna’s fury over Faye

Anna Windass is enraged during next week’s Coronation Street when she discovers Faye Windass has been sneaking off to see Seb.

The week begins with Faye begging Phelan to take her to visit Seb at the Young Offenders Unit. But as she climbs into his van, Anna clocks her from across the street.

Anna climbs into Phelan’s van with Faye and demands answers. Faye admits he’s been giving her lifts to the Young Offenders’ Unit to visit Seb.

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In a fury, Anna drives off, stopping away from the street where they have a blazing row and Faye runs off.

Back on the street Kevin reveals his surprise hotel booking to Anna, determined to inject some passion back into their relationship.

However, she refuses to go on account of Faye’s meltdown but is Anna using the schoolgirl as an excuse to avoid getting intimate with Kevin?

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