Coronation Street spoiler – Baby drama for Mary

Coronation Street’s Mary Taylor has a lot of apologising to do next week when she disappears with her grandson.

It all starts when Mary railroads Angie into having an afternoon out with Toyah so that she can spend time with baby George.

Having enjoyed their afternoon out, Angie confides in Toyah how overbearing she finds Mary and how she barely gets a look in with Jude and George when she’s around and that she wants to go back to South Africa.

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When Mary finds out she is devastated and asks for one last trip out with George, but when she fails to return with George, Angie’s beside herself, convinced they’ll miss their flight.

Jude does his best to calm her down, while across the cobbles Adam finds Mary hiding in the flower shop with George.

He warns her that she’ll lose her family for good if she doesn’t return home, she listens to him and back at the house Mary apologises for her actions but everything is forgotten when Norris notices something is wrong with George – but what had he discovered?

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