Coronation Street spoiler – Bethany disowns her family

Poor Bethany Platt is going to be deliberately alienated from the rest of the Platts in next week’s Coronation Street.

It all kicks off when, sick with worry about Bethany and her relationship with Nathan, Sarah Platt decides her only option is to talk to the police.

Meanwhile Nathan summons Neil to his flat and after explaining how Bethany let down one of his clients, he asks him to keep any eye out for her.

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Back on the street a police officer calls at the Platts, Sarah tells them everything she knows about Nathan, unaware that the officer is Neil!

Sarah pours her heart out to Neil, admitting the family are at breaking point over her daughter’s much older, controlling boyfriend.

Neil promises to talk to Bethany but instead he informs Bethany and Nathan of his conversation with Sarah leaving Bethany fuming.

He takes her back to No.8 where she tells Sarah she wants nothing more to do with her. Nathan suggests they invite Neil and Ian over so Bethany can show her gratitude. Knowing what will be expected of her, will Bethany agree?

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