Coronation Street spoiler – Bethany’s abused by a cop

Bethany Platt is going to pluck up the courage to tell the police what Nathan Curtis has been doing to her in upcoming scenes in Coronation Street.

But the terrified schoolgirl is in for a massive shock when she turns up at the police station and walks straight into Neil, the man who raped her after she was unknowingly pimped out by Nathan, and it turns out he’s a policeman.

Poor Bethany will be shocked to her core and Neil will pull out all the stops to make sure she doesn’t name him in her report.

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According to a leaked storyline information, Neil will threaten Bethany and even tell her: “You’re not even safe in a police station.”

A source told the Sun: “This dark twist in Bethany’s story comes as a real shock. She is convinced her ordeal will end when she goes to the police station – and is utterly horrified to find out she was wrong.

“She is terrified of Neil and terrified that her family could be at risk and her fear forces her into an even darker place.

“Things are going to get worse for Bethany long before they begin to get better. Neil’s role as a police officer gives the writers scope to take the drama even further. But some viewers may think they have taken things too far.”

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