Coronation Street spoiler – Chesney’s on the warpath

Chesney Brown goes on the warpath during next week’s Coronation Street after getting an attack of the green-eyed monster.

It all starts when Izzy offers to look after Joseph, Sinead enjoys an afternoon in the pub getting drunk, spotting her clearly the worse for wear, Daniel Osborne offers to make her a coffee to help her sober up before she collects Joseph.

Over coffee, Daniel and Sinead admit they still have feelings for one another. But when Daniel tries to kiss her, it remains to be seen whether Sinead responds.

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As Sinead heads home, she spots the commotion in the street and is  mortified to learn Joseph’s been in an accident after running into the road and nearly being struck by a van.

Out to cause trouble, Tracy lets slip to Chesney that she saw Sinead heading up to Daniel’s flat shortly before the crash leaving him fuming.

Daniel assures Sinead that Joseph’s accident wasn’t her fault but Sinead blames herself, but Chesney clocks their intimacy and quietly seethes and starts plotting revenge – but what does he have in store?

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