Coronation Street spoiler – Chesney suffers a panic attack

Chesney Brown is going to prove he’s not moved on from his stabbing horror when he suffers a panic attack in next week’s Coronation Street.

The Weatherfield resident has been off work ever since he was stabbed during a violent clash in the Bistro that almost cost him his life.

Next week he returns to work but it proves to be too soon when he struggles to cope with a rowdy bunch of lads on a stag night.

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As the lads become more boisterous, Chesney suffers a panic attack and runs from the kebab shop struggling for breath.

Dev’s horrified to find the kebab shop unmanned and some lads helping themselves to kebabs. As Rana and Liz tend to Chesney, Rana explains he’s had a panic attack brought on by stress.

Chesney makes them promise not to tell anyone – but will he come clean to those closest to him that he’s struggling to cope?

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