Coronation Street spoiler – Chloe tries to buy the Rovers

Peter Barlow is in for a major shock in next week’s Coronation Street when he discovers Chloe is trying to buy the Rovers.

The week gets off to a complicated start for Peter when he pops round to see Chloe and she pounces on him, trying to kiss him.

Later, when a cash buyer arrives at the pub, Peter’s stunned to see it’s Chloe and Steve and Liz McDonald are considering her offer.

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Peter angrily steers Chloe outside and orders her to stay away from both him and the street, Ken clocks their exchange and spotting Chloe alone, he approaches her.

Chloe explains she’s had a row with her boyfriend Peter, shocked by her comment Ken invites her back to no.1 to talk and get to the bottom of her accusation.

At the Barlow’s house she wastes no time spreading her poison, telling Ken how she and Peter are having an affair, he’s drinking again, she leant him £2k and she’s planning to buy the pub simply to stop him from ruining his life.

Ken’s horrified and with heavy heart breaks the news to Toyah of Peter’s drinking and affair. Will Toyah believe what she’s being told about Peter?      

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