Coronation Street spoiler – David Platt’s kids in hostage drama

David Platt’s kids find themselves in a potentially life threatening situation in next week’s Coronation Street.

It all kicks off when David steps in to try and help Shona Ramsay deal with her threatening ex Dane, who has demanded she hand over cash from her recent scratch card win.

When she refuses Dane responds with some vile remarks about Kylie, David sees red and Shona has to drag him away.

But as they load Max and Lily into the car ready for their trip, Dane hurtles across the street, jumps in and locks himself inside with the kids leaving David and Shona looking on, horrified.

Fans will have to wait and see how that situation unfolds but later in the week Shona declares that her romance with David is doomed and walks out, leaving him shattered.

Here Julia Goulding, who plays Shona, reveals more about another eventful week on the cobbles…

What does Shona hope will happen during this meeting between David and Dane?

Shona just wants Dane out of her life for good and she quite naively thinks this is the way to do it. She takes David along to meet Dane but because Dane is not a very nice person nor is he a very sympathetic person, he is basically out to get what he can.

What happens when David and Dane meet?

Dane very much goads David, he’s mean. The final straw is when Dane says something very nasty about Kylie and that makes David fly at him in a rage.

For Shona, does it feel like every time she tries to make a clean break the past comes back to haunt her?

Yes, it does. When it comes to Dane, she could have as little contact as possible with him but of course Clayton is her son so there are emotional ties there. It isn’t as simple to just put the past behind her and leave it there because really the Clayton thing is always going to come up. But Dane, she just wants to forget about.

Things take a nasty turn when Dane jumps into the car with the kids, what is going through Shona’s head at that point?

Sheer panic because she knows how callous, ruthless and mean Dane can be. She knows there is a possibility he is going to tell the kids who she really is because he has already threatened to and especially now Shona has decided to not give him the money.

How far does Shona think Dane will take things?

He is mad so he is going to see how far he can take it. Whether he hurts the kids physically or hurts them emotionally it’s just as bad each way.

What is it about Shona that has made Dane come back and cause trouble?

He thinks how dare Shona be happy and be able to move on? And it’s not because he is jealous or anything, he just  doesn’t want to see her happy. He wants to keep that control over her that he has had during all of Clayton’s life. She can’t catch a break, can she really?!

Later, Shona tells David that their relationship is doomed. How hard is it for Shona to make that decision?

It’s devastating, she doesn’t want to do it but she knows she doesn’t want to keep hurting this family. And now the kids are involved, it’s just something she can’t bear. She thinks she is sacrificing her own happiness to make sure the children and David are happy.

Do you think David and Shona are a good match?

They give as good as they get with each other. It’s the first time that Shona has ever had someone that makes her laugh and is kind. And Shona is light relief with all the misery that David has been through recently. I do think he genuinely likes her so I really hope there is a future for them but I think it won’t be a smooth ride if there is.

How did you feel when you found out someone else from Shona’s story was going to be introduced?

I think it needed to be done, especially with all the rumours going round that Nathan was Clayton’s dad! And it needed to be done to prove that Shona was telling the truth. This guy is not a nice man so it is going to allow the audience to have a more sympathetic view of Shona and what she has been through. Yeah she doesn’t make the best decisions but she is trying her best to make the wrongs that the people around her have done, right.

What’s the best thing about working with Jack P Shepherd and the Platts?

Aw, it’s just a lovely dynamic, I feel a privilege to be a part of it and they are all great actors. It’s lovely to work with them because they are all professional, we have a laugh on set and we get the job done. We all have  fantastic time.

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