Coronation Street spoiler – Eva makes Maria’s life hell

Coronation Street’s Eva Price arrives back in Weatherfield next week to continue her revenge plan against Aidan Connor and Maria Connor.

She arrives back from France loaded down with shopping bags having given Aidan’s credit card a severe hammering.

Adam tells her his plan for Underworld is on track, but unbeknown to them they’ve been spotted by Maria, who’s intrigued to clock their intimacy.

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When Aidan asks Eva for a copy of her baby scan she prints off another scan photo from the internet and making out it’s her own, asks Maria to drop it round to Aidan at the flat.

With the help of Leanne and Toyah, Eva decorates the Rovers for her hen party and tells them how she intends to have her revenge on Maria, Jenny and Kate.

Jenny’s furious to discover Eva’s gone behind her back and cancelled the posh restaurant. When the strippers arrive, Jenny’s appalled that her hen do has turned into such a low rent affair.

Eva and Toyah lead the hen party drinking games with Maria the butt of the gags, Eva enjoys watching her squirm.

Furious at how far Eva has gone Maria says she won’t be able to attend the wedding as Liam is ill.

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