Coronation Street spoiler – Michelle and Steve to divorce!

Coronation Street bosses are planning a big divorce for Steve and Michelle McDonald after she discovers he’s the father of Leanne Battersby’s baby.

The news will finally reach Michelle, and let’s face it, it wasn’t going to take long seeing as so many people on the street already know.

Michelle is devastated by Steve’s betrayal, and the pain is compounded even more by the fact Leanne’s carrying his son when they have just lost theirs.


Fans will watch as Michelle calls in the lawyers and drops a bombshell on Steve when she reveals she’s going after the Rovers.

A Corrie source told the Sun: “Michelle finally discovers the extent of Steve’s betrayal and, as expected, she doesn’t deal with it lightly.

“She goes totally berserk and declares war on Steve. She brings in the lawyers and tells the love rat she’s going to divorce him.

“She vows she will never forgive him and then she drops the big bombshell. She tells him she’s going to be taking half of everything the couple own, including the pub.

“It sparks a huge row on the Street. Steve is in for several weeks from hell.”

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