Coronation Street spoiler – Nathan arrested for child abduction

Coronation Street’s dodgy newcomer Nathan is arrested next week as part of a police investigation into a missing school girl.

Nathan has been getting his claws into Bethany Platt and her feelings for him at put to the test next week when he’s arrested on suspicion of the abduction of Annabel Adams.

The week kicks off with Bethany in a good mood having been buoyed by the compliments Nathan has been showering her with.

He approaches her at the school gates and kissing her tenderly invites her to the salon at lunchtime to make another video, leaving her thrilled.

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On Nathan’s instructions, his partner in crime, Mel, continues to flood the internet with negative comments about Bethany’s last video attempt.

In the salon Mel sets to work on Bethany’s makeup and Nathan admires the necklace he bought her. However they’re interrupted by the police who arrest Nathan on suspicion of the abduction of Annabel Adams.

Later, appearing upset and shaken, Nathan approaches Bethany on the street and makes out he’s been wrongly accused of abduction.

He begs her to lie to the police for him and provide him with an alibi, but will she agree?

Chris Harper, who plays Nathan, explained: “First of all he needs an alibi as this thing with the police has come against his plans but also if she does provide him with one it lets him know that she is further into his web.

“It’s a real knife edge for him; will she or won’t she. If she does, he has got her. If she doesn’t, he’s in hot water.”

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