Coronation Street spoiler – New year baby for Tracy and Steve?

Coronation Street bosses have paired up old lovers Tracy Barlow and Steve McDonald for some festive fun beneath the sheets – but could it lead to a new year baby?

After all, Steve is one of the most fertile men on the cobbles so if the couple aren’t careful Amy could soon have a brother or sister.

Here Kate Ford, who plays Tracy, says her character will be devastated if she gets pregnant…

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So how did you feel when you found out Tracy and Steve were going to be doing the do again?

I would say shocked. How long ago was it that we were together? I think that back in the day Tracy was a bit besotted with Steve. Do you remember when we went to Blackpool and she tried to get into bed with him? But he didn’t fancy her then. So she was always quite keen but he was less keen than her. It’s sexual, mostly! In a nutshell.

Can you talk through how it all happens at the carol concert?

Well, before the carol concert they’ve started having a bit of a laugh. Just little moments together in The Rovers. So when they go to the carol concert they smuggle in a hip flask and they’re drinking that. Then when it comes to that night they’re both drunk and they spend the night together and then it’s like: ‘Oh well, might as well go along with this for a bit’. Better the devil you know, they’ve run out of options. I know that feeling! But they haven’t really counted on Amy’s reaction.

How does she find out?

Tracy doesn’t really want Amy to find anything out because at the time they were just having sex, but it’s via a text message.

Why is Tracy interested in Steve again?

I think part of it for Tracy is getting one up on all the other women. Michelle and Leanne…who else is there? There’s quite a few. I think for her it’s a bit that he’s now ended up with the best!

Is he not worried she’s going to cave his head in?

He does go for quite unstable women. He’s attracted to that. But he’s very forgiving. His character seems to forgive quite a lot really.

Do you get fans coming up to you saying they’d like to see Steve and Tracy together?

There’s a lot on Twitter now. People have said for ages: ‘Oh, I’d love Tracy to get back with Steve.’

What would you buy Steve and Tracy for Christmas?

I said I was going to get him the snip!

Speaking of the snip, he is super fertile, how would Tracey feel if she got pregnant?

She wouldn’t like it. She’s got to a place now…when Amy was a baby, she found it really boring. She was constantly asking Emily to babysit. Or whoever was walking past the house at the time. So I think she’d be mortified, just because it would bore her to have a baby. She can pretty much do what she wants.

She could be stepmother to Leanne’s baby…

Well, we think there’s some mileage in that. We were saying on set the other day that there could be jealousy about how much he’s doing for each of the children. That is very believable. Tracy finds out that Steve has given Michelle £10,000. So that does not go down well. She says, ‘you’ve never given me £10,000.’

How will the return of Carla affect Tracy?

I did a scene this morning with Ali and it just felt so bizarre. Cos Tracy’s kind of moved on a little bit from that. Then it was Tracy and Carla sniping at each other and it did feel quite weird actually. I don’t think that’s going to be a main focus this time.

Tracy’s become a much more well-rounded person recently, do you like that?

Tracy’s one of the nicer people in the street now. I think that’s fair to say. There are some horrible people there! For me, I really enjoy where the character’s at right now. She was going a little bit too pantomimey. Just the way she was always being the bitch. Now, I get to play other parts of her and it’s easier for me.

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