Coronation Street spoiler – What is Phelan hiding?

Coronation Street’s Pat Phelan has always had a dodgy side to him but next week his erratic behaviour is going to start alarm bells ringing.

The week begins with Eileen confiding in Nicola that Phelan’s behaving strangely, but Nicola assures her she’s nothing to worry about.

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However, intrigued by his behaviour Nicola decides to follow him and watches him dispose of an old mattress. Nicola’s further concerned to see a gash on Phelan’s head and remains determined to find out what he is hiding.

Later, Nicola introduces Phelan to her boyfriend Scott who’s a policeman and shows him some pictures of a derelict building they’ve bought.

Phelan reluctantly agrees to help them convert it into a youth centre. But when it becomes clear that Scott has no idea he’s Nicola’s father, leaving Phelan hurt.

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