Coronation Street spoiler – Phelan’s DNA dilemma

Coronation Street goes all Jeremy Kyle next week when Pat Phelan’s ordered to take a DNA test to prove whether he’s Nicola’s dad.

The week kicks off with Seb quizzing Eileen Grimshaw about Phelan’s obsession with Nicola and is fascinated to learn that she may be his daughter.

Eileen finally admits to Phelan how she went to see Nicola and showed her the photo of him and Linda hoping it would do some good but her plan backfired.

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As Phelan absorbs the news, Eileen goes on to reveal that Seb knows that Nicola might be his daughter.

At the builder’s yard Phelan’s thrilled when Nicola calls by and invites him for a drink, and he pulls out all the stops trying to get to know her.

Nicola calls at No.11 and handing Eileen a DNA testing kit, tells her she needs to know the truth once and for all. Phelan arrives home and is taken aback when Eileen shows him the kit.

Phelan does the DNA test and hands the swab to Nicola who heads off promising she’ll be in touch as soon as she has the results.

But will they be the results Phelan’s hoping for?

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