Coronation Street spoiler – Phelan’s hostage secret exposed?

Coronation Street’s hostage drama takes a turn next week when Pat Phelan is almost caught red-handed with Andy Carver in chains.

The dodgy builder has been holding Andy captive for months, but next week his victim’s health takes a turn for the worse. A weak and ill Andy begs Phelan to take him to a doctor but is terrified when his captor reveals he has already dug his grave.

When Eileen Grimshaw turns up at the house Phelan is renovating he has to think on his feet to hide Andy in the basement, but he also has some explaining to do when she quizzes him about why he was after antibiotics at the medical centre.

Later, at the builder’s yard, Nicola spots some photos of Andy forcing Phelan to come up with even more lies. How long can Phelan carry on without being caught?

Connor McIntyre, who plays Phelan, explained: “Let’s get this straight, the further we go with this character, the more we realise that he is suffering with narcissistic personality disorder. This is a guy whose relationships are all about power.

“He’s not a well man, he’s a sick puppy in many ways, so what’s the next step? We haven’t seen him kill yet, and we’ve seen him step back when Vinnie said, ‘I’ll sort Todd out’.

“So, I think there’s something more disturbing than that going on. In a warped way he was thinking I won’t kill him but I’ll take him away and maybe, like Michael, he’ll just expire and then my hands will be clean.

“But, it turns out, it didn’t happen that way so he’s been caring for him. Somebody needs Pat Phelan everyday, so this is real power isn’t it.

“And someone he can vent all his frustrations of the day to, which you will see, and then very tender moments where there’s a real intimacy.”

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