Coronation Street spoiler – Sally’s saucy sex ban!

They are famous for their sex life but it looks like Sally and Tim Metcalfe’s bedroom antics are going to hit a roadblock in the new year.

In funny scenes to be screened in the new year the Weatherfield councillor slaps a sex ban on Tim after branding him boring.

Sally finds that while she’s interested in global issues, like climate change, all Tim cares about is his home brew and his window-cleaning business.


Fed up with not getting the brainy boost she wants in the conversation department, she vows there will be no new year nookie until he swats up on something interesting to say.

According to the Daily Star Tim tells her: “Let’s go upstairs and work out our differences in the bedroom like we normally do…”

But Sally hits back: “I’ve tried the carrot now I’ll have a go at the stick. I’m imposing a sex ban, the ban will be lifted when we have a proper, grown up conversation.”

Determined not to go down without a fight Tim comes up with his own ban, telling his wife: “I’m imposing a talking ban. If you’re going to impose a sex ban then I’m going to go the whole hog and live like a monk by imposing a talking ban.”

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