Coronation Street spoiler – Sally’s stalker is her sister!

Coronation Street finally confirm the worst kep secret next week as Sally Metcalfe’s stalker is revealed to be her sister Gina.

It’s Rosie Webster who uncovers the truth when she finds Leah skulking outside no.4 and the girl makes out she wanted to check Sally hadn’t had any more messages from her step-mum.

Uneasy Rosie tells Sophie she’s decided to stake out Leah’s house to find out more about her and her step-mum once and for all, but Rosie’s stunned to realise it’s Gina, Sally’s sister!

Rosie wants to expose Gina to Sally but Leah begs her not to, bitterly explaining that Gina’s been ill but with no support from Sally, it’s fallen to her to look after her.

Rosie’s shocked, but back at home she tells Sophie that Auntie Gina is Sally’s stalker – what will they do next?

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