Coronation Street spoiler – Shona to save Bethany from Nathan?

Could Coronation Street’s Shona Ramsey become Bethany Platt’s unlikely saviour from the clutches of Nathan Curtis?

Soap fans might not be aware but Shona and Nathan have a past – they used to be a couple but she fled the relationship when it got physical between them and she was left with scars from the abuse.

Since arriving on the cobbles Shona is unaware that the Nathan Bethany is dating is in fact the man who abused her. So when the penny finally drops, will Shona be the person who manages to save Bethany once and for all?

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Explaining the link between Shona and Nathan, actress Julia Goulding, said: “Nathan and Shona used to go out.

“He tried basically to do what he’s doing to Bethany to Shona and she was like, ‘No way this is happening’, which is why she was homeless on Christmas day.

When Nathan came to the street it was to find Shona but he found Bethany which is awful. She has cigarette burns on her shoulder that he inflicted.

“She has no idea that Bethany’s Nathan was her Nathan who she used to go out with. There was a flicker when Gail said Nathan but obviously Gail’s not met him so she said he must be about 19 so Shona was relieved.”

Asked if saving Bethany could redeem Shona in the eyes of the Platts, Julia added: “Possibly, saving Bethany from Nathan would be a good way to get back in their good books.

“I’m not sure what they have in store for Shona when it comes to the Platts but I hope one day we can be friends.”

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