Coronation Street spoiler – Steve and Michelle’s fresh heartbreak

Steve and Michelle McDonald face fresh heartbreak in next week’s Coronation Street as Leanne Battersby gives birth to her son.

When Michelle finds out Leanne’s had the baby, she’s emotional but genuinely pleased for her and insists they visit.

Steve’s horrified at the thought seeing as he’s the little boy’s dad but knows he must play along for her sake.

Making out he’s too upset as it stirs up memories of Ruairi, Steve waits outside Victoria Court whilst Michelle heads up to see Leanne’s new baby.

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When she later confides in Steve that she’d like to try for another baby, he admits the idea scares him but suggests they discuss it over dinner at the bistro.

But things get rather awkward when they turn up to find the Platts celebrating the birth of little Oliver.

As the Platts gather in the bistro, Michelle and Steve are forced to watch the party from their table, both struggling to mask their conflicting emotions.  

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