Coronation Street spoiler – Steve’s son in overdose shock

Coronation Street’s Steve McDonald is going to be left fearing he was close to killing his own son with a prescription drugs overdose.

In harrowing scenes to be screened next month Steve’s son Oliver is rushed to hospital with suspected meningitis.

But after close examination, Oliver’s doctors soon realise that he doesn’t have the disease, he has in fact been given too many doses of medicine.

The little boy falls ill and Steve agrees to help the his mum, Leanne Battersby, look after him. But the pair make a near fatal mistake by failing to talk to each other about what drugs they have given him.

So despite Leanne giving him medicine, when Steve takes over care duties, he gives their son even more and he falls ill. Luckily doctors will confirm that Oliver will face no last damage from the accident.

A source told the Mirror: “Steve’s still getting over the death of Ruari when Oliver is rushed to hospital after taking a sudden turn for the worse.

“It is a very emotional storyline and aimed at warning parents who have split but share care of their children that they need to communicate for the safety of the child.”

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