Coronation Street spoiler – Tracy fears Amy attacked Ken

Coronation Street’s Tracy Barlow is going to fear her daughter is a chip off the old block and the person who attacked Ken Barlow.

The Weatherfield killer is nervous as the Barlow family start to turn on each other, worried that one of them was behind the attempted murder.

Adam Barlow starts the ball rolling when he becomes convinced that Tracy is the culprit after learning that Luke lied to the police for her about where she was on the night of the assault.

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He calls a meeting with Peter and Daniel and shares his suspicions about Tracy, suggesting she’s the one who tried to kill Ken.

Aware of what Adam’s insinuating Amy phones the police, telling them to check the fingerprints on the new kitchen worktop that Phelan fitted on the night of Ken’s accident.

Her phone call leads the police to arrest Adam and later she reveals to Tracy how she reported him and that’s why he’s been taken in for questioning.

Tracy starts to secretly worry that Amy might be covering her own tracks – is she Ken’s attacker?

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