Coronation Street spoiler – Underworld shut down for good?

The future of Coronation Street’s knicker factory looks bleak next week as Johnny Connor reveals he’s planning to sell it off.

The week starts with Gemma searching Johnny’s flat for an old cuddly toy to give to Joseph, she’s taken aback to find a cheque for £80k from the factory insurers.

She calls in the kebab shop and reveals to Beth, Sinead and Aidan that Johnny’s had the insurance money through for the factory but hasn’t told anyone.

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As Johnny and Jenny sit down to dinner in the bistro, they’re confronted by Beth and Izzy demanding to know when the factory will reopen now that the money has come through.

But they’re shocked when Johnny reveals his plans to retire and move to Spain, leaving Jenny as gobsmacked as the rest of them. In the bistro, he breaks the news to Aidan that he intends to use the insurance money to fund his and Jenny’s retirement in Spain.

Furious, Aidan turns on Jenny calling her a gold digger and when Johnny defends her, Aidan rounds on his dad – is this the beginning of the end for Underworld?

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