Coronation Street spoiler – Will Kevin dump Anna for Erica?

Coronation Street’s Erica Hulroyd is going to try and tempt Kevin Webster to join her for a secret sex session at a local hotel.

The week begins with her questioning her relationship with Dev Alahan so she pops round to see Liz McDonald, the weight of the world clearly on her shoulders.

When Erica confides in Liz that she and Dev have lost their spark, Liz advises her to focus on what she wants from life and go and get it.  

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Erica reaches a decision and taking the bull by the horns, she calls in the garage and reveals that she’s booked a hotel room, suggesting Kevin joins her for an afternoon of fun.

Handing him the hotel address, Erica heads off leaving Kevin conflicted. Having previously admitted to Rosie that he fears his relationship with Anna is over, he is torn about whether to go to the hotel with Erica.

Kevin soon makes up his mind and having changed into his best shirt, he sets off for his secret sex session with Erica.

But while Erica sips champagne in the hotel bar as she eagerly awaits Kevin’s arrival, he’s caught in the street by Anna who assures him she wants to remain a family and start afresh.

Kevin hugs her gratefully and later is forced to apologise to Erica for letting her down explaining how he loves Anna and it wouldn’t have been fair on Dev.

Erica masks her disappointment – but how long can Kevin stop himself from giving in to Erica’s advances?

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