Coronation Street’s Catherine Tyldesley on Eva’s ‘x-rated Christmas!’

Coronation Street’s Catherine Tyldesley has admitted that the temperature is going to soar in Weatherfield this Christmas as Eva Price gets steamy with Adam Barlow.

The pair end up getting steamy in a Christmas grotto after being roped in to help over the festive season.

And Catherine admits fans should brace themselves for what Eva decides to wear as it’s going to leave little to the imagination and gets Adam hot under the collar!

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Talking about outfit she laughed: “It’s so illegal! They’re at a community centre, it’s a children’s nativity and I felt bad actually wearing that outfit in front of children!

“There’s nothing fluffy about it, it’s a bondagey reindeer! It’s very fitted and shorter than short, but I had big red knickers on so it was fine. It’s like a tutu. And a little red nose – I look like a complete spoon, but it works for the show.

“It’s Eva to a tee. I wasn’t at all surprised and also it’s great with Billy’s reaction because he’s like: ‘oh my God, this is for the kids and this is very Ann Summers.’ But she’s not thought. She’s just like: ‘oh, I look great, let’s go with it!’

“She’s a reindeer and Adam is an elf. When they go to get changed she can’t get her outfit off and he’s like: ‘Oh, well I’ll help you,’ and then things get a little bit more than steamy. But it’s very funny; that’s the comic relief at Christmas.”

Asked what Eva sees in Adam, she added: “He’s very charming isn’t he and we know, again, he’s not whiter than white – he does have this other side to him – but the side that Eva sees is very much Prince Charming and he was there for her.

“I think we’ve seen a lot with Adam with the darker side, I think it’s really nice for the viewers as well, to see that he has got this softer side.

“On her wedding day, before she went to go to walk down the aisle, he said to her: ‘you take my breath away.’ So it’s nice to see that side of him I think.

“I think she feels at the moment, quite safe and he’s being very gentlemanly and giving her lots of compliments and so there’s no negative to him. He kind of ticks every box for her, so hence she’s like – ok, I can work with this, let’s move on.”

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