Coronation Street’s Chris Gascoyne – Peter’s arrested for assault

Life for Peter Barlow is going to get even more complicated in next week’s Coronation Street when he’s accused of assault.

But before anyone thinks the police have solved the ‘who attacked Ken’ investigation, it’s not the pensioner Peter’s accused of hurting.

Instead it’s his bunny boiler stalker Chloe who makes claims she was attacked by him the night before Ken’s assault and the police arrive to arrest him.

Here Chris Gascoyne says Chloe could ruin everything for Peter…

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What’s the atmosphere between the Barlows like following Ken’s attack?

It is very tense – they are all turning on each other, one of them is guilty and none of us actually know who it is so we all have to play it as though we could easily be the one who did it. They are starting to infight and suspect each other. It is a very lever dramatic device.

How does he feel about Ken suspecting him?

If he is innocent he will be very hurt that his dad could think that. But all of them have a motive and times when they are not accounted for. All of them are claiming to have had nothing to do with it but if it was a heat of the moment thing it could easily be Peter as he was very angry with his dad.

Does Peter have his own suspicions over who’s to blame?

It could be Peter but he might be trying to shift the blame. I have my own suspicions but by the way it has all been cleverly written I may be wrong!

How does he feel when he finds out about Chloe’s assault accusation?

This is a nightmare for Peter because aside from being charged with the assault on Chloe it also puts him in the frame for Ken’s attack

Does Toyah believe him when he tells her Chloe has stitched him up?

She seems to believe him and she even goes to talk to Ken but it must be hard for Toyah with Peter’s track record and the lies he told in the past about Chloe.

After all the women Peter has wronged over the years, how does it feel to have Chloe calling the shots?

It is Karma isn’t it, he has met his match here! Even Carla and Leanne didn’t manage to set him up and destroy his life, he was always the one who did that for himself. Now this woman that he tried to help has become his worst nightmare and she is very clever.

What did you think when you first heard about all the trouble Chloe would cause for Peter?

I thought it was clever because although he did lead her on a little bit his motives were actually unselfish for once, he was trying to help Toyah realise her dream but in typical Peter fashion went about it all the wrong way.

How has it been working with Jo-Anne Knowles?

I’m very lucky with all my co stars, she’s a great actress and she’s playing this part brilliantly She has got Peter on the ropes and she is so clever he can see no way out.

He’s obviously under a lot of stress – is there a danger he could turn back to drink?

He came very close on the night of Ken’s attack and with a recovering alcoholic there is always that risk. At the moment he is not going down that route but if this situation gets worse it becomes more of a possibility.

What do you think of Peter becoming landlord of the Rovers one day?

It’s probably not one of his best ideas but I can see why the writers would like to explore that idea. Maybe he will surprise everyone and make a real success of it!

Would you personally like being based there too?


Well I’ve spent a lot of time on the other side of the bar so it will make a change to be working behind the bar.

Do you think Peter would be a better dad this time if Toyah were to fall pregnant?

I think he would be determined to try and be a better dad. He is better with Simon than he has ever been but I am not convinced his heart is in the whole IVF thing, he is doing it for Toyah and has convinced himself that he wants it as much as she does.

Do you think one of the Barlows is responsible for pushing Ken or do you reckon someone outside the family is to blame?

It does look to everyone as though it is one of the Barlows but that could always just be a big red herring and it could be someone else entirely. There are lots of twist and turns to come.

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