Coronation Street’s Connie Hyde – Gina goes missing!

Coronation Street’s Sally Metcalfe has been reunited with her sister Gina but has no clue she’s the troll who’s been making her life hell.

But next week it looks as if the truth might come out as Gina goes missing, unable to cope with the guilt of what she’s put her sister through.

Here Connie Hyde, who plays Gina, reveals all…

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How did the role of Gina come about for you?

I got a phone call from my agent and straight away I was so excited about it because Gina is a fascinating role and of the opportunity to come into play Sally’s sister who I completely admire as an actress. I felt straight away that I knew Gina and it is quite rare for an actor that you feel that it is a good fit for you.

Were you a fan of Corrie before you joined?

I have grown up with it. I have been an actor for 27 years and it has always been one of my dreams to be in Coronation Street. My best friend, Julie Hesmondhalgh, has been on it for years and so joining myself was a dream come true.

What is it like having Sally Dynevor as your on screen sister?

I can’t underestimate how gorgeous Sally is. When people found out I was playing Sally’s sister, everyone who has worked with her previously said, ‘well, you’ve lucked out,’ because she is not only brilliant and professional as an actor but she is a lovely person. She makes you feel at home.

Can you give us a bit of background on Sally and Gina’s relationship, and how Gina might feel towards her sister?

Gina has a complicated relationship with Sally. They used to be very similar and they are from a very difficult background but Sally left that family environment and Gina feels angry towards her, that she has abandoned her. But they have a love/hate relationship. Gina helped Sally with her cancer and they have seen each other over the years. It’s more through Gina’s insecurity about how her life is not going so well, that she has been ill and that she is on her second marriage. Even though Sally would not think bad of her, she’s been embarrassed to contact her and that’s why she hasn’t come back.

Gina is initially revealed as Sally’s online troll. Can you talk us through the moment she confesses and why?

Gina loves Sally and to find out she might have done this is devastating to her and also quite frightening because it shows a complete lack of control when she thought she was on in control of her medicine. The last thing she would want is to hurt her sister because she’s not like that as a person, she’s not vindictive. Gina is quite open and vulnerable herself so the last thing she would want is to put someone in a difficult position.

How does Gina come to go missing, and what is her state of mind?

It’s the horror of the pain that she’s caused coupled with her lack of self esteem and depression because of her illness. Gina completely thinks that everyone else is better off without her including herself.

Can you explain to us what Gina’s relationship with Leah is like?

It is complicated because Leah thinks she is responsible for Gina and Gina thinks she is bringing Leah up. She knows she’s not a great role model but she does feel like she’s fed and put a roof over her head.  Gina does feel guilty about the fact that sometimes Leah is her carer but she doesn’t see it like Leah sees it.

What can we expect from Sally and Gina’s relationship going forward?

We have that fundamental love from both sides but they do fight. Gina will bring out Sally’s past that Sally has tried very hard to cover, they are on a different social level now. But Gina will try to make Sally laugh and happy and she’s quite childlike and sally will be protective over that naivety.

What were you up to before bagging the role of Gina?

I was in The Railway Children in the West End so it was nice to do a bit of theatre before this came along. And I did Cold Feet last year.

We still remember and love you for playing Mad Cathy Bradford in The Bill. What are your best memories of that time?

That was a gift of a part, it was a fascinating part and I was very lucky with the storyline. I had people screaming at me at the time, they really got into it, but it was a lot of very positive feedback. Everyone loves a baddie don’t they and it’s also good to play a baddie!

Which Corrie character would you most like Gina to have a scene with?

There are so many but I would like to play one with Julie Hesmondhalgh because she’s my mate but when we were at drama school we could never do scenes together because we would corpse [laugh] all the time so that would probably be very bad! So it probably would be with her to see if I could even get through the scene.

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