Coronation Street’s Daniel Osborne in drug overdose

Things are going to get a lot worse for Daniel Osborne in next week’s Coronation Street when he takes a drugs overdose.

Having escaped jail for the attempted murder of Ken Barlow, Daniel’s struggling to come to terms with what he’s done. Next week Ken urges him to see a therapist and offers to pay but Daniel reckons he doesn’t deserve any help.

Later, Daniel ends up getting drunk in the Rovers and buys some drugs from a friend of Robert Preston’s.

Concerned for his welfare, Robert hammers on Daniel’s door. Adam approaches and they let themselves in and are horrified to find Daniel slumped unconscious.

Here Rob Mallard says Daniel’s in a worrying situation…

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How has Daniel been feeling since Ken’s attack?

Immediately afterwards he felt remorse, regret and shame. The attack wasn’t premeditated, it was a spontaneous reaction to Ken’s arrogance.

What prompted him to do it?

Ken had taken control of Daniel’s life behind the scenes without Daniel really being aware of it and that was enough to trigger that red mist for Daniel. But he didn’t intend to do it.

Was he tempted to confess?

Yes he did feel guilty but in terms of confessing, Daniel has always dealt with half truths. When he first came to the street he had this veneer of a story that Peter was the first one to see through. So because he is very good at protecting himself, confessing would be like ripping up his own work. It does weigh on him but because of all his other experiences it’s quite natural for him to be carrying secrets.

What does it mean for his relationship with Sinead?

The reason Daniel is so attached to Sinead is that she got further in than anybody else so he’s not going to let her go easily. And Daniel trades in secrets – they’ve got secrets between them that they’ve kept from each other and that they’ve revealed to each other.

What’s it like for him to have his mum back in his life?

Devastating, she has come back into his life like a wrecking ball. Daniel has been in charge of the narrative of his life because nobody else knows it but now that his mum has come back there is another source to corroborate his stories so he has lost a lot of power.

When he takes the drugs, does he intend to end it all?

Because he is depressed and not really feeling anything, he just wants to feel something. It comes off having being riled up by Tracy and he just goes too far.

Are you glad Daniel’s secret is out in the open?

I am relieved because it means that I am not going to accidentally lets it slip! And from the character’s perspective I am glad it is out now because it is interesting that his aspirations have always been educational and now he is working in a  back street bistro for his first time in his life and he has no idea where he’s going to go…

Have you enjoyed the storyline?

Yes, it’s just gone from one dramatic climax to another and I have loved it. It has been a lot of fun and I am very excited for whatever else will be coming out of this.

Can the Barlows ever be reunited?

Yes, but they need a common cause, a equally powerful threat to bring them together, a bit like the Sopranos but Weatherfield style. As a unit they could be very powerful if they pooled themselves together but they need a common enemy.

What’s it like to be working with Denise?

Brilliant. I was hoping when I came into the show that there would be a chance to work with her so I was thrilled. She is very interesting and interested; she wants to know what you think. And she’s very grounded.

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