Coronation Street’s Debbie Rush on her exit – I hope Anna brings down Phelan

Coronation Street’s Debbie Rush has opened up about her decision to leave the show and says she hopes Anna Windass will bring down Phelan once and for all.

The actress shocked fans when she confirmed she’s leaving the show but now says it was time to leave as she wants to try her hand at other projects.

And fans don’t have long to wait to see her exit on screen as it’ll unfold early next year.

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Talking about her decision to leave, Debbie said: “We have a month of filming to go, and takes us to the end of January on screen. As the weeks count down, I am really excited, if I am honest.

“I have been here for nine years, and loved every minute, but as an actress it is time to move on. What do I want to do next? Just work. I’ve no plans. I’m a jobbing actress and that’s what I intend to continue doing.”

Asked how she feels about giving up a full time job, she added: “It’s terrifying. It was frightening before I came into this as it’s tough and jobs are few and far between.

“But it’s what I did before and it’s what I’ll do again. When I came in I thought, ‘If I stay for a year, it’ll be alright’, and here I am nine years later.

“Every time I’ve thought it’s time to go, I’ve thought long and hard about it, and I took a really long time to make a decision, talked about it for about two years before I decided to go.

“The show has been very good to me, I have been really lucky, had great storylines, feel highly respected by my colleagues and it’s scary to leave a lovely job, but I just want to be creative again somewhere else.”

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Debbie gave bosses free rein over her exit and even said she would be happy to be killed off. It remains to be seen how Anna will leave the cobbles but Debbie hopes she brings down Phelan before she goes.

She said: “I know there has been a debate for some time, did he rape her or didn’t he rape her? Well, he did, because she was coerced into having sex with him to protect her family.

“We’ve just done the Bethany storyline and the nation is on Bethany’s side and knows she was groomed and raped. Anna was a grown woman who was groomed and raped.

“That’s the way I’ve played it and that’s why, it’s very important for me, Anna would be the one to bring him down with justice.

“The fans want Anna to bring him down, massively! I still get little old ladies, to young lads shouting ‘Oi, Anna, when you gonna get Phelan?’ So everyone wants him done in, and they all want Anna to do it!”

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