Coronation Street’s Dolly Rose Campbell – Gemma is quizzed by police

Poor Gemma Winter is going to be arrested in next week’s Coronation Street when she’s accused of stealing from Rita Tanner.

Rita catches her Weatherfield lodger drinking with some mates and kicks them out, leaving Gemma humiliated.

The next day Norris goes to open up the Kabin and is horrified to discover a break in. As the police survey the ransacked shop, they point out there’s no sign of a forced entry.

When Rita then discovers £100 stolen from her purse, she realises someone has been in her bag and could have used her keys to the shop.

Rita confronts Gemma and accuses her and her friends of stealing from her. Distraught at Rita’s accusation, Gemma tearfully assures her she would never steal from her but when the police take Gemma in for questioning it’s clear she doesn’t believe her.

Here Dolly Rose Campbell, who plays Gemma, reveals all…

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Gemma seemed to be settled on the Street until recently – what’s thrown her off course?

Gemma seemed to be enjoying her time at the Kebab shop and it was going along nicely but this fall out with Chesney is getting to her. She misses him; they had a good friendship in the Kebab shop so without Chesney she feels a lost and doesn’t know what to do. That’s why she turns back to her old friends .

Why is she so angry with Chesney?

Chesney quit so she feels like he’s abandoned her and he rejects her when she offers out her friendship so that really hurts her. She doesn’t quite realise what is going on with him in his life.

How does Jenny upset her?

Jenny ridicules her in a way, she says Gemma would have to find someone to marry her. Jenny belittles Gemma for being single and it makes her feel quite lonely as she’s lost a friend.

How does she feel about seeing Zoe and Roxy again?

Gemma is alone and she’s vulnerable. She left her old life behind where she did have a lot of friends, even though they weren’t the greatest influence on her.

What’s the backstory of their friendship?

They were at school together so they’ve been friends for many years. They were probably the people who she used to hang out with at the Dog and Gun.

Why is Gemma so keen to impress them?

Gemma is someone people think has a heart of gold so it’s a nice reminder of where she came from and the way that she used to be. She could slip into that life again but she has to work hard to try and keep herself on track because she doesn’t want to go down that road.  Some of it is a bit of showing off and showing how she has turned her life around but then it’s also an old fear of being ridiculed and trying to fit in. There is definitely a history of people picking on her and bullying her but she has then adapted her behaviour to try and fit in.  

What happens back at Rita’s?

She’s doing it to show off but she’s also doing it because she hasn’t got any friends her age at this point and the natural thing would be to hang out, have a few drinks and show how good her life is at this flat she’s living in with a nice person.

Do you think her turn around in life means she has misjudged circumstances because she is judging them through her new morals and doesn’t feel taking them back to the flat is a problem?

Yeah, she’s forgotten the way it was back when she used to hang out at the Dog and Gun because now she has turned her life around and things are so much better for her. She’s too trusting and is taking everything at face value but that’s because she misses Chesney and she hasn’t really got anyone else.  

How does Rita react when she arrives?

Rita is disappointed and that not only makes Gemma disappointed in herself but also feel even more isolated because she loses her friends as well. She has lost Chesney and she has tried to reconnect with these these old girlfriends but it goes horribly wrong.

Why is Gemma so keen to be Jenny’s bridesmaid?

She wants to be accepted into the family and also the fun of being a bridesmaid is something she has never experienced. The poshness of it appeals to her.

What does Rita’s friendship mean to Gemma and how does Gemma feel if Rita can’t trust her now?

Rita’s friendship means everything to Gemma because she was the one who took her in when Gemma had nowhere to go and she has really supported her in a way that nobody has really supported her in her life. She has come to rely on Rita as her family. Gemma is already feeling lonely so when things go sour with Rta she really is all on her own.

What’s the best thing about working with Barbara?

Barbara is very experienced in the business so it is nice to be able to learn a great deal from her and see how she works, not only being in the show but the camera and the technical side of things. It is really nice to learn from someone as gifted as Barbara.

Do you hope that Rita and Gemma can get their relationship back on track?

I hope so but we will have to see. It’s an interesting relationship with Gemma being taken under the wing and almost being redeemed by Rita.

What would you like to see happening to her?

I like a bit of ups and downs, I am enjoying all the scrapes she gets herself into and the humour of the role. I want to keep her as a rough diamond.

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