Coronation Street’s Georgia Taylor – Ken’s bombshell sinks Toyah

Coronation Street’s Toyah Battersby is dealt a major blow next week when Ken Barlow tells her that Peter Barlow’s been having an affair.

The Weatherfield pensioner is shocked when Peter’s bunny boiler stalker, Chloe, tells him that they’ve not only been having an affair but he’s also drinking again.

Ken wastes no time sharing the news with Toyah, and here Georgia Taylor, who plays her, says her alter ego is devastated.

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How has Peter and Toyah’s relationship between recently?

Peter has agreed to go ahead with the IVF and as that’s been her dream for the last few years, she is delighted that he is going to be part of that journey with her. So, as far as Toyah is concerned, they are in a pretty good place.

How does she react when she finds the cash stashed away in the cupboard?

Toyah is instantly suspicious because it is such a strange thing to hide from your partner, especially as it has been hidden in a hot chocolate container in the back of the cupboard! At this stage, she is not jumping leaps ahead in terms of thinking that it is something sinister but she is cautious that something is not quite right.

Where does she think Peter got it from?

If she had found some woman’s underwear in Peter’s car or an empty booze bottle, then that is pretty self explanatory. But as the money is such a random thing to hide, Toyah is confused and for her, it is more about the fact that Peter is not being open or transparent – that’s what’s niggling her.

Does she know anything about Chloe at this point?

So the very first scene in which we saw Chloe was when Peter took the booking and at the time he and Toyah were having a bit of a rocky patch. Peter flirted with Chloe quite openly to annoy and upset Toyah but as far as Toyah is concerned now, she wouldn’t even give that woman a second thought. It was a long time ago and she is insignificant to Toyah; Chloe is not anywhere on her radar.

What does she really think about Peter’s idea to buy the Rovers?

Initially and understandably she is hugely concerned as Peter is a recovering alcoholic. But when he explains that it’s not about The Rovers being a pub, it’s more about it being a home that they can use to help grow their family and have security; it’s really more about his commitment to her a as partner and the potential father to her baby. She really wants to believe that they could make a go of this.

Ken has a bombshell for Toyah – How does Toyah react to the news?

She heart sinks, she is crestfallen. Ken is not a malicious man at all so why would he make up those kind of things or why would he tell those sort of stories to Toyah if he didn’t absolutely believe in his heart that they are true?

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What do you think you would do in Toyah’s situation?

It’s such a tangled web that they all weave, my life is so much simpler! But that is the nature of soap, that’s where the drama comes from; the secrets and the lies and the things that people choose to keep hidden from each other and the things that they choose to say.

Do you think she and Peter are well suited?

Yes because they balance each other out. Toyah is much more rational and practical than Peter is – he is prone to making strange decisions whereas she is much better at being pragmatic. But what he gives to her is that he can be a lot of fun, a bit naughty and mischievous, and that brings out the more playful side in her, especially as she has had a difficult few years with her marriage is falling apart.  

What feedback have you been getting from fans since Toyah’s return?

What has been really nice is how nostalgic people have been towards Toyah and Leanne and in a way that I didn’t expect. People really look back fondly on these sisters and how they were as teenagers and a lot of people grew up with them. So that’s one of the loveliest responses – that people are happy to see the sisters back together.

What’s next for Toyah?

Life with Peter is always quite erratic, dangerous and exciting but it is also exhausting so it’s whether Toyah is going to get tired of it. The question is whether he is going to push her too far.

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