Coronation Street’s Jane Danson – I want Leanne to go off the rails!

Coronation Street’s Leanne Battersby has had her fair share of drama but it seems Jane Danson wants to inflict even more on her!

Next week Leanne finds herself caught between all the men in her life yet again. While trying to help clear Peter Barlow’s name following accusations he attacked Chloe, Leanne manages to anger Nick Tilsley.

Then she gets it in the neck from Steve McDonald when he realises she’s having a naming ceremony for their son and hasn’t invited him.

With every aspect of her life imploding around her, you’d think Jane would want a happier future for Leanne, but here she says she wants to heap on even more misery!

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What does Leanne think about the whole Peter and Chloe thing – does she think he attacked her?

She knows that he wouldn’t really hit a woman, she is thinking about Simon and what this means for him if Peter were to be found guilty. She knows when Peter has been drinking again she knows when he is lying, she knows him better than most people and I love that about their relationship  on this occasion she doesn’t believe he has done it so she decides to try and find out for herself what went on.

Why does she go round to see Chloe?

Mainly because of Simon – she doesn’t want Peter to be sent down for something he didn’t do which would mean him being absent from Simon’s life again she is trying to control the situation and she thinks foolishly that she can make everything better.

What happens when Toyah turns up?

Toyah turns up with the intent of doing the same thing so they kind of gang up and try to make her confess that she is lying.

What was it like filming those scenes with the Battersby sisters back to their feisty selves?

Chloe is no pushover so there is certainly a glimpse of the Battersby sisters of old which was great fun to do. God to see they have not lost their spark! They will always be there for each other if someone threatens them in any way.

Why is Leanne so convinced that Peter didn’t attack Ken?

She might be wrong but she thinks she knows him too well and it seems very out of character for Peter to do that. He has nothing to gain from doing it and she doesn’t believe that if he had a row with Ken and the fall was an accident that Peter would have left Ken to die. She can’t let herself believe that is possible. She didn’t want Toyah to be with him but she believes fundamentally that he is not a bad bloke he is just very flawed

Oliver’s naming ceremony is this week too – does Leanne want Steve there?

Again she is torn a little bit, she wants him there for the fact that he is his dad and then it turns out that Liz isn’t coming so she is a little bit put out by that and thinks what is the point of this ceremony? The whole point is for everyone to come together and celebrate and of course it doesn’t turn out that way. Everyone is at loggerheads.

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Can you also talk us through the incident where Leanne locks herself out of the flat?

She is having one of those days where everyone is pushing and pulling her and she is doing everything in a rush and her phone goes and she gets distracted and she goe out to get something and her keys are in her bag and the door shuts behind her. It is just one of those days, she has left the baby inside. We’ve all had days like that when everything goes wrong.

How hard is it for Leanne being stuck between all these men right now?

I feel a bit sorry for her, I really feel that nobody has really seen it from her point of view. There hasn’t been one moment where she has been able to say to them all ‘I am fed up of this’  what about me and Olver in the middle of all this. We might see a bit more of that in the coming weeks.

What do you think of the way Nick has been behaving recently?

I think it is a combination of the last few months, everything has got on top of him. Steve has become part of the equation and that was never meant t be the case. The fact that he had agreed to take the baby on as his own was a huge thing. But they didn’t really think the whole thing through and realise that of course Steve was going to want to see him  and be a part of his life. Had it not been Steve, had it been someone that we weren’t going to see again then it would have been so much different, I do think they could have made it work. It is exacerbated by Peter now being around and involved in Simon’s life too. He is parenting two children and neither are his.  

We know Ben is going soon – how are you feeling about his departure?

I’m devastated, absolutely gutted, I completely applaud his reasons for wanting to go but he will be a huge loss to the show and selfishly on my part to my working day, I will miss him alot.

What would you like to see happen to Leanne once Nick has gone?

I’d like her to go off the rails a bit and lose her way. She is a mum, she has the baby she has always wanted but it would be interesting to see a bit of the old Leanne come to the fore after everything she has gone through.

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