Coronation Street’s Jane Danson – Leanne’s mortified about marrying Steve!

Coronation Street’s Leanne Battersby is left squirming next week as she realises she’s agreed to marry Steve McDonald – and she doesn’t want to!

The Weatherfield resident drunkenly accepted when he suggested they get married and in the cold light of day she’s mortified at the thought.

So imagine her horror when he decides to make the proposal official and gets down on one knee in front of everyone on the street!

Here Jane Danson reveals why Leanne’s not jumping for joy and how Steve tries to convince her that marriage could be a good idea…

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How drunk was Leanne when she gave Steve the answer to his proposal?

She was definitely quite drunk, it has been a while since Leanne kicked back and relaxed and she might have gone a bit too far!

How does she feel about things in the cold light of day?

Let’s just say she isn’t jumping for joy, it was definitely the drink that made her agree and she is mortified when she wakes up the next day and realises.

Why doesn’t she go straight round to talk to him about it?

She doesn’t really know what to do, Eva and Toyah tell her she probably did agree so she needs to do something about it so she sends him a text saying they need to talk but in doing so she potentially makes things worse!

Can you talk us through Steve’s second proposal?

He dresses Oliver in a babygro saying with the words will you marry my daddy? It in in the middle of the street just as she is about to dump so she is really out on the spot.

How does she feel about him using Oliver to propose?

She feels as though it is a little bit of emotional blackmail as he knows she want a proper family life for Oliver so he has used the one thing that might strike a chord with her.

Does she feel under pressure to give him an answer, with everyone watching?

She is quite horrified to find herself in this situation, in the middle of the street with everyone watching – she feels the pressure is really on her – the father of her child is proposing to her – can she dump him in front of everyone!

Has Leanne ever considered Steve as a serious romantic option?

She really hasn’t. Yes they had their drunken one night stand but other than that they have just been great friends going back years. You would have thought if something romantic was going to happen between them it would have done by now.

What was your reaction when you first heard there was a possibility they might get married?

We were both a bit baffled as it came out of the blue but then once we started working together and the storyline became clear we both realised how much fun it could be and we could see how Steve could find himself in this situation and manage to drag her into it with him.

Do you think Steve and Leanne would make a good couple?

They very possibly could, when they sit down and talk about it they both feel that on paper it could work – but is there a spark there, can you have a relationship without that spark?

What’s it been like for you working more closely with Simon Gregson?

It has been absolutely hilarious. He only has to look at me and I get the giggles. It is nice to be doing some lighter stuff for a change bearing in mind what she has gone through. Simon and I have know each other for years so it is very easy to work together.

Leanne’s lurched from one bad relationship to another – what would be your advice to her?

I think maybe she needs to learn to stand on her own two feet for a bit and not feel as though she has to rely on a man. She is a Battersby and they know how to look after themselves. But I would certainly advise her against marrying Steve even though she thinks she is doing it all for the right reasons, it can only end in tears surely!

What else is coming up for Leanne?

Well she has found herself caught up in Eva’s revenge and she is worried about how that is going to go. She’d love a quiet life but I think that is the last thing that is going to happen.

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