Coronation Street’s Kate Ford – Tracy might run a brothel!

Coronation Street’s Kate Ford has seen it all as Tracy Barlow – murders, manipulation and mayhem – but there’s one thing left to do…run a brothel!

The actress has spoken out as her character prepares to celebrate her 40th birthday on the cobbles this week.

But while she might have ideas of what could happen to Tracy, Kate’s been outspoken in how badly she thinks things were for her last year.


Talking about plotlines, Kate laughed: “She hasn’t been a prostitute yet – maybe she could open her own brothel. There’s very little that Tracy hasn’t done, she’s done most of the sensational stuff.

“That’s why it’s nice that she is going in a different direction at the moment. My scenes are more family-driven and real than they have been. But that’s not to say she won’t ever do anything outrageous again.

“Will Tracy still be here at 80? You’ll have to wait and see. But I don’t think she’s run her course yet.

“It’s hard to imagine myself here at 80, shouting and screaming, throwing myself on crash mats and fighting with female residents.

“But I’d be honoured to be here as long as they would have me. I can imagine Tracy turning out quite like her grandmother Blanche, getting drunk, insulting everyone and causing trouble.”

The actress was also critical of out-going boss Stuart Blackburn by admitting she thought last year’s storylines for her alter ego were one dimensional, but Kate Oates has got the character back on track.

She told the Sun: “Tracy was harder to play for me last year, because she was becoming a bit one-dimensional, but this year she’s back on track.

“The stories are making her a bit more human again. And I like the fact that she doesn’t have a female arch-enemy at the moment.

“For a while the scriptwriters would have Tracy fight with someone, then they’d leave, and they’d give her another arch-enemy. It got a bit old.”

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