Coronation Street’s Katie McGlynn – Sinead’s miscarriage heartbreak

Coronation Street’s Sinead Tinker is left devastated next week when she tells Daniel Osbourne that she’s suffered a miscarriage.

The Underworld worker finds herself caught in the crossfire of Daniel’s war of words with Ken Barlow over his future at Oxford University.

Ken delivers some harsh words to Sinead, fearing both her and the baby are holding Daniel back from an exciting future. But it looks like he needn’t have worried as later in the week she has to break the news she’s lost the baby.

Here Katie McGlynn, who plays Sinead, explains what happens…

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How is Sinead feeling about a new home and a baby with Daniel?

After the initial shock of the pregnancy, they’ve tried to pull together and do what they think is best. My instinct has always been that Sinead wants to keep the baby so she throws herself in at the deep end and she is trying to be practical. She shows Daniel a flat and gets excited at the thought of family life together.

How does Sinead feel about the celebrations about Daniel’s place at Oxford?

She’s shocked and upset; as far as she was concerned Daniel was turning Oxford down for her! She feels very alone and doesn’t know who to turn to.

How does she feel after talking to Ken?

Ken is very harsh to Sinead. She’s really hurt because obviously she had no idea this pregnancy was going to happen. Ken is acting like Sinead has got her claws into Daniel when really she’s been thrown into this situation too and she is trying to make the best of it.

What do you think about Ken’s outburst – do you think he’s being unfair on Sinead?

What makes Sinead feel even worse is that Ken looks down on her and he has all these big ideas for Daniel of things he wants Daniel to do because he didn’t get the chance to do them. Ken is really mean when he says that Sinead is just a factory girl – that really gets to Sinead because she knows she is not as book-smart as Daniel.

He also badmouths his own life with Deirdre, what do you think fans will make of that?

Ken says that Sinead is to Daniel what Deirdre was to Ken. Ken and Deirdre were such an iconic couple but Ken means it like he doesn’t want Sinead to get in the way of Daniel’s big life beyond the Street because that’s what happened with Deirdre and Ken.

How does Daniel react when she tells him she’s had a miscarriage?

Daniel is devastated and Sinead is in tears. It’s still a new relationship for them really but they have been through so much already. They’ve had to deal with so much when they still should have been in the honeymoon period of a relationship.

What kind of mum do you think Sinead would be like?

I think she would be a good mum because she is very thoughtful, practical and hands on.  

Do you like Sinead and Daniel as a couple or does part of you wish she’d stuck with Chesney?

Sinead had outgrown Chesney, they were like an old married couple. But it was sad for me because I really enjoy working with Sam. I really like Sinead and Daniel together because they are worlds apart which is fun and interesting and he brings out a different side to Sinead too. They’ve just had bad luck, especially so early in their relationship.

Have you enjoyed your scenes with William Roache?

Yes, I have really enjoyed working with Bill and I have a lot of fun with all the Barlows. At first being with a new family was so different but I love my scenes with them.

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