Coronation Street’s Kym Marsh – I would tell Michelle to dump Steve!

Coronation Street’s Kym Marsh says she knows exactly what she would tell Michelle McDonald to do about husband Steve…dump him!

In next week’s episodes Steve McDonald tries to encourage Michelle to go to marriage counselling with him in order to save their relationship.

But Kym thinks he’s had more than enough chances to prove his love for her and Michelle should move on, possibly with Robert Preston…

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How is Michelle feeling when she returns from her holiday?

The holiday has done her a lot of good, going to see Carla. She is her best friend and like a sister to her really so I think she probably really needed to see her given the place that she was in. She had just tried to seduce Nick and it all went wrong. She had been horrible to Robert, she had really just lost the plot! She need some time to go away and sort her head out really so when she comes back she is a lot more settled and has made peace with herself. Don’t get me wrong she is still angry with Steve and she still wants what is hers but she is not as crazy as she was.

How does she think can cope living on the same street as Steve, Leanne and Oliver?

I think she has to. She knows that she doesn’t really have a choice. She could move away but I don’t think she’d let them drive her away from what she considers to be her home with her family and friends so I don’t think she will be going anywhere. She is very stubborn and she will dig her heels in. But she isn’t about to let bygones be bygones either.

Steve is desperate for them to go to marriage counselling, but as far as Michelle is concerned, is there any way back for them?

Steve’s got a nerve and I think she makes clear that she thinks that too. Her knee jerk reaction is to say get lost and then he turns round and says to her that she is wearing her wedding ring and she is confused herself as to why she has done that. Maybe he has a point. She asks Robert as she is very confused by it, she doesn’t quite know what to do. She still remembers what they had before and that sentimental thing of wanting normal life again, her home is the Rovers, she has had the rug pulled from beneath her and she wants to feel normal again, she misses Amy too. She is lodging with no job, no money and it would almost be the easy option to work through it. Robert says maybe she should give it a try too so she is very confused.

How does Michelle truly feel about Robert? Does she genuinely have feelings for him?

She realises that there is a guy here who just wants her to be happy, he has never been selfish, never tried his luck, in fact just the opposite. She does start to wonder if in fact she has feelings for Robert. She knows how he feels and he has been a great friend even though she has treated him badly but he is always there for her

What does she make of his offer to work at the Bistro?

She knows he has no agenda and he just wants to take care of her, the job is perfect for her. It would give her a real helping hand with the bonus of being in competition with the Rovers.

If you were Michelle’s friend what advice would you give her?

I would tell her not to go for the marriage guidance counselling with Steve, he has had enough chances to prove that he loves her and wants to be with her. His stubbornness over the thing with Will was the reason they almost broke up and within five minutes of her being in a taxi he hd jumped into bed with Leanne. He had so many opportunities to tell her the truth and this was the ultimate betrayal for her. How could he have done that. Friends can see the bigger picture and I would tell her to remember she is strong and not to go back to someone who doesn’t deserve her basically.

Have you enjoyed seeing Michelle get angry and playing her feisty side?

I have really enjoyed it – it’s a great stress buster, getting the chance to throw things around, it was a great side to my character and I really enjoyed seeing that. We have seen moments of feistiness in the past but it’s been a while so it was nice to explore again, you wouldn’t want to cross her. I look at her nasty faces she pulls sometimes and I think ‘Ooh no, I wouldn’t want to upset her.”

Has been strange ‘breaking up’ from Simon Gregson, and do you both want Steve and Michelle to work things out?

It is really strange, Simon and I have been an on screen partnership on and off for 10 years and something pulls us back together every time but I don’t know if this can be fixed. I am enjoying working with Tristan, he’s a great actor very professional. He brings out a different side to Michelle so as an actress it is nice to work with someone different. There is always something else that people bring to the table so no two relationships are the same. Michelle and Robert have a very different chemistry to Steve and Michelle.

What reaction did you receive from the fans after the baby reveal? Are people in Michelle’s corner?

No the funny things is in real terms people would understand but when they watch it in a show they want people to move on quickly and ‘get over it’. Most people are loving watching Michelle going bonkers but some are saying ‘come on leave Leanne alone, they were on a break!’ People do seem to like her and Robert, people love her and Steve but they are accepting of what is happening with Robert as they can see he’s there for her. But they did not like her making a move on Nick – mostly because of Carla!

Do you think Michelle can ever truly recover from the awful time she’s had?

I think she always be changed a little by what happened to her this year. If there was ever a chance of Steve and Michelle getting back together I would have to be something huge. So she is taking a different path. Robert is not Steve McDonald, he’s not the clown and the divvy, he doesn’t laugh at her bad jokes like Steve did.

Do you think Michelle would feel more supported if she had Carla still on the street with her?

Oh I think Carla would have her corner – they would a formidable force, Leanne and Steve would not stand a chance!

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  1. I think it was a bit insentitive of corrie to have leeanne to have a wee boy to? but in saying that was michelle and steve not split up when he slept with leeanne?

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