Coronation Street’s Kym Marsh – Michelle’s stalker terror gets even darker

Coronation Street’s Kym Marsh has warned that Michelle Connor’s stalker terror is going to take a turn for the worse next week.

The week of drama in Weatherfield kicks off with Michelle inviting Will as her plus one to Eva Price and Aidan Connor’s wedding, not realising he’s the person who’s been making her life a misery.

Later, Will is furious when he follows her to the prison and realises she is visiting Robert Preston and when Michelle returns to her car she is upset to find a white rose – which is her symbol of her dead son Ruauri – on the car bonnet.

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Will comforts her at the wedding and when things start to go sideways for the bride and groom, they decide to go back to his house for a drink.

Alone in Will’s living room, Michelle’s shocked to stumble across a folder full of photos of herself and realises with horror that he’s her stalker.

Michelle suddenly realises she’s in grave danger and has to call on an unlikely ally to help her!

Kym explained: “He’s incensed by the fact that he thought she would go to him should she ever split up with Steve McDonald.

“Obviously, he has harboured these very deep feelings for Michelle and is really miffed that she’s now moved on to Robert Preston.

“Will’s not even on their radar. They’ve been thrown a curveball by Robert’s dodgy friend, to be honest, she has no clue and he has been there the whole way.

“He’s now dating Maria, imagine how shocked she’s going to be. Because Robert has just been arrested, she’s all on her own, she’s exposed..

“We have the big wedding week coming up, she’s supposed to be going to the wedding and she’s ends up at Will’s – she finds a load of surveillance style photographs.

“It gets a lot darker, it gets really gripping and scary. It’s very dramatic. Put it this way, I was shattered!”

While Kym might be playing this out on screen, she’s revealed that she faced her own problems with a stalker in real life.

She added: “I had some flowers delivered to me at home with someone saying ‘Sorry you couldn’t make our date’ and it was all a bit weird.

“And, long story short, when we delved into it we found someone had been pretending to be me for the past 10 years, having conversations with this guy as if they were having some kind of relationship. So it was just really strange.”

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