Coronation Street’s Lucy Fallon – Bethany’s ordeal is far from over

Coronation Street’s Bethany Platt is going to finally break her silence and reveal the truth behind Neil’s involvement in her abuse.

So far those closest to her have believed Nathan was the ring leader in her ordeal, but they have no clue that local police sergeant, Neil, is also involved.

But that’s about to change next week when the cop makes one threat too many prompting Bethany to reveal to Craig Tinker that he raped her.

Craig vows to get the evidence he needs to bring Neil down, but here Lucy Fallon, who plays Bethany, says her ordeal is far from over…

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How is Bethany feeling since Nathan’s case was dropped?

She’s devastated, she totally blames herself. Bethany’s convinced it’s all her own fault for being so stupid, she’s in a really bad place, she feels really low.

How does she feel when Neil arrives at the house? 

Bethany’s horrified but she doesn’t know what to do when she’s faced with Neil. She’s scared of him but she has to try and hide her fear in front of her mum because she doesn’t know why he’s there or what Neil is capable of.

Why is she so scared of Neil?

Not only did this man rape her, when Nathan was arrested he made threats to hurt her family if she spoke out. Bethany’s terrified and disgusted by some of the things he says to her. He tries to shift the blame onto her, then threatens her again, she’s really shaken by the time he leaves.

How helpful has Craig been through this dark time?

Craig has been Bethany’s rock. He’s been there to support her and he hasn’t judged her. She feels safe around Craig, he’s one of the only people she feels she can talk to. Even after she made a drunken pass at him he didn’t judge and he’s still visiting despite any awkwardness.

Why is he suspicious of Neil, and what happens when he quizzes Bethany on Neil’s visit?

He can see how Bethany changes when Neil is around, I think he can sense her fear and discomfort, he knows something isn’t right. He’s tries to bring it up with Bethany but she doesn’t want to go there and just tries to cut him off.

What makes her tell Craig about what Neil did to her?

Craig won’t let it drop and she’s exhausted from keeping it to herself. She feels that she can trust him and I think she just needs a friend who she can confide in. She tells him that Neil is Nathan’s mate, he was at the parties. Craig’s horrified as Bethany breaks down.

How does she feel when Craig threatens to report him?

She’s terrified and she says he can’t tell, she’s convinced people won’t believe her but more than that she’s scared about what he could do to her and her family. Neil’s threats are ringing in her ears and she’s desperate to stop Craig from saying anything.

Which scenes have you found hardest to film/watch back in this story?

Filming the rape scenes were really difficult, especially with the three men because although we didn’t see anything happening we knew what was being implied and having met victims of grooming and heard their stories I was aware of how horrific Bethany’s situation was. But then I was just acting it out so whenever it got tough I thought back to the people I’d met who had actually been through similar situations and it made me want to get it right and do it justice for them. Some of the aftermath scenes have been really hard to film too as there’s been a lot of crying and a lot of emotion.

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Are you surprised by all the public interest?

The response from the public has been amazing. Initially there were a few people who said it was a tough watch and shouldn’t ben on before the watershed but these have been massively outweighed by people getting in touch to thank us for sparking debate on this topic and bringing it into people’s homes. There’s been lots of people who’ve got in touch to say they’re talking about it at home, with their children, in schools and that’s great to hear.

Would you like to film scenes in court?

I’d like to see Nathan go to court because I’d like to see a positive ending to this story for girls out there who’ve been through the same thing and may be scared to come forward. Having spoken to one survivor Lucie through the NSPCC I know that’s what she wanted to, it’s not the outcome she had, but we felt it’s important for girls to know these people can be brought to justice.

What do you expect is next for Bethany once this ordeal is over?

The ordeal is far from over, the effects of what Nathan has done to her will be seen for a long time yet. At the moment Bethany is still a victim of Nathan, her self esteem is so low and she’s struggling with guilt and blaming herself, she’s got a lot to go though before she can see herself as a survivor. I hope that time will come for Bethany but what he’s done to her will always be there.

Would you like to see Bethany and Craig as a couple one day?

I think a lot of people want to see them together but for now they’re just really close friends and I think that’s what Bethany needs at the moment, no complications.

What’s the best thing about working with Colson?

Colson’s one of my best friends on set, we’re really comfortable together and we manage to have a laugh even when the storyline is difficult and that really helps.

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