Coronation Street’s Michael Le Vell – Erica is uncomplicated and sexy!

Coronation Street’s Kevin Webster is going to have his head turned by Erica Hulroyd as his relationship with Anna Windass hits a rocky patch.

The couple have not been intimate with each other since Anna was horrifically injured when a car exploded on the cobbles.

Kevin has been caring for Anna and hasn’t pressured her in the bedroom, but next week the cracks grow even deeper and the mechanic turns to Erica.

Here Michael Le Vell, who plays Kevin, says his character should really be talking things through with Anna…

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Can you sum up the relationship between Kevin and Anna since the fire – is it strong?

It is strong it will always be strong but there are deffo cracks appearing she has lost all her self confidence because of the scarring and everything since the accident and she finds it difficult to be intimate.

Has he recognised this?

He knows exactly why she is being like that and he has tried to be understanding and treating her right. He doesn’t have a problem, he still finds her beautiful. He has done and said all the right things but what really struck him was when he saw her giving Tim and hug and he couldn’t work out why she could be affectionate with someone else and not him

It is a very new relationship so is it difficult to cope with something like this so early on in the relationship?

Yes it is a fresh relationship but I think they genuinely both love each other but it is getting so frustrating for Kevin, he has reassured her and reassured her that he still loves her no matter what but she keeps pushing him away. It is the constant rejection which is getting him down.

Kevin hasn’t always been modern man  someone who tries to understand women so this is new for him isn’t it?

No Kevin has always been a bit of a neanderthal so he is showing his sensitive and caring side and he can’t understand why he can’t get through to her.

How is Kevin feeling?

It is human nature that he is getting frustrated. He has tried everything but there comes a point when he has not had any intimacy for months and he feels unloved and unwanted and undesired. It becomes the elephant in the room, it is all consuming and the more they avoid discussing it the worse it becomes and it is hard to approach the subject for both of them.

How does he feel when Rana tells him some of the potential side effects of Anna’s medication?

In a way it helps, he goed on the computer and looks it up and he starts to think that maybe it is something that will improve when she comes off her medication and there may be light at the end of the tunnel – but he has no idea when she would come off them.

Is Erica someone he has noticed before, is he attracted to her?

I don’t think he has thought of her in that way, she was kind to him when he had no money and she brought him the groceries and he thought she was a lovely lady. He is committed to anna and he is not looking around for someone else.

How do they come to find themselves in this situation?

When Erica comes into the equation they are both feeling totally neglected for different reasons. Dev forgets Erica’s birthday and goes away playing golf in Scotland leaving her on her own. Kevin feels alone and isolated so when she offers him a glass of wine and he thinks why not?

Is he aware that she fancies him?

No, he thinks it is just a drink, some uncomplicated conversation just a bit of company and a drink but then a good few glasses later and she goes to kiss him!

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What is his reaction?

She is uncomplicated and sexy, she is in a relationship and so as he so neither are going to take it any further, they both have the same to lose. Not that it makes it right but he is very tempted but they are both feeling very neglected.

If Kevin was your mate and he was in the situation and asked for your advice what would you tell him to do?

I would say go home to Anna and talk it through properly, explain what happened with Erica and tell Anna how he is feeling. Let her know how it is making him feel when she rejects him. That side of things is not the be all and end all in a relationship but it has become more than that now, the communication has broken down and it needs sorting.

Is he frustrated about all the other things Anna is doing and does he think she is trying to use that to avoid the issues between them?

Definitely, all the stuff between Faye and Seb and Phelan, it is one thing after another and they have no time for themselves. She is always involved in concentrating on other people’s problems and issues than her own and he wonders if she is trying to detract from her own issues. She is not helping herself , she is trying to help everyone else.

Do you think Kevin has ever had any regrets about getting with Anna considering what is now happening?

No, I don’t think he does, they make a good couple but things happen in relationships you can’t legislate for.

Are they strong enough to come back from all these problems?

Yes because Kevin wants it to work, he wants to be honest with Anna and they can get through this despite the situation with Erica – it will hopefully be a good turning point for them

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