Coronation Street’s Rob Mallard – Daniel has underestimated Chesney

Coronation Street’s Daniel Osborne has had to sit back and watch as Chesney Brown plans a future with Sinead Tinker – but could it all end in tears?

Chesney deliberately hurt himself to make it look like Daniel has attacked him, but it seems that rather than see him off, he’s made an even bigger enemy of his rival.

And with his wedding to Sinead due next year, could Daniel scupper Chesney’s big day? Here Rob Mallard hints Chesney better watch his back!

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Is Daniel still in love with Sinead?

She’s his first love, so there will always probably be a spark there.

Is it love or obsession?

Well, a lot of it I suppose would be that wanting what you’re not allowed to have.

He has very little in common with Sinead, so it’s a strange coupling, isn’t it?

Ken hit the nail on the head when he said that it was a lot like him and Deirdre in that there was no meeting of minds there. A little bit of me thinks that it’s more of a prophecy than anything else and that, if they do go down that route, it will come true – he will one day realise what you’ve just said, that they have very little in common mentally, in terms of their interests and what they want to do.

Why does he think he can make her happier than Chesney can?

Because she’s already done it with Chesney and if it was good enough, she wouldn’t have come away from it in the first place, would she? So she can’t be. You don’t play away if you’re entirely satisfied.

Was he annoyed when Chesney proposed in front of him?

I didn’t think he thought that Chesney would be that low to do something like that, because he also never got a word of thanks for saving his life when he got stabbed. So, there’s a lot that Daniel let slide really. I think he’s been the one that’s been the most magnanimous really hasn’t he, because, not even a word of thanks; saved his life, not even a word of thanks, just, ‘Stay out of my way and stay away from Sinead’, basically!

Do you think Daniel has underestimated Chesney then?

We did just shoot something that’s a little bit to do with that, where they have a conversation and he does say, ‘I didn’t see that coming, I didn’t see that coming’. But I think with Daniel being meek is considered to have the ability to destroy someone and choose not to do it. I think if Daniel wanted to, he could have really rubbished Chesney, and he sort of looked at Chesney and went, ‘It’s not fair game this, so I won’t do it’, and Chesney sort of looked at the same board and went, ‘I don’t care if it’s not a fair game, I’ll get it where I can’. So I think that affected him because Daniel’s quite old fashioned in many ways, so I think that that kind of male, I mean, neither of them are alphas by any means, but that male code that you don’t do certain things, and that you respect certain things, just implicitly. Chesney doesn’t have that.

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