Coronation Street’s Sam Aston – Chesney is stabbed!

Poor Chesney Brown is going to end up in hospital next week after he’s stabbed during an explosive row in the Bistro.

It’s a case of bad timing for the Weatherfield resident as he walks into the eatery just as owner Robert Preston is caught up in a major bust-up with a former associate.

Chesney walks in just as the thug swings a broken bottle in Robert’s direction and catches him instead, leading him covered in blood and fighting for his life.

Here Sam Aston, who plays Chesney, reveals all…

How are Sinead and Chesney getting on at the moment?

That’s a strange one really because they both want it to work but when both are trying so hard sometimes it’s a bit too much. It’s awkward but the intention is there.

What is it about Sinead that Chesney likes so much?

She’s quirky, she’s very different and they are a good match. She’s very honest and Chesney just worships the ground she walks on, he loves her. Obviously they’ve had problems recently but Chesney still wants to make it work.

Does Chesney still feel that Daniel is a threat?

Oh yes definitely, he has it in his mind that she still likes him. Chesney is trying to be everything that Daniel is, for example he sees that Daniel has loads of literature and academic books so thinks this is what Sinead likes so he tries to be more like this to impress her. He is almost trying too hard but bless him, he’s just trying.

Has he made any other changes?

He tried to change his hair a while ago but it’s more about trying to act the way Daniel does to win her over. But you should never try to be someone else.

Were you and Katie happy about this possible reconciliation then?

Oh yes, I get on with Katie really well, she is great fun to be around. She is a very nice girl and it’s strange because you get used to who you work with a lot, like Jenny, I do actually see her as my older sister, I have grown up with her. Katie and I are very good friends, we have a laugh and we are comfortable with each other so when we split up it was really weird, like an end of an era.

Talk us through what happens when Chesney gets stabbed…

Chesney wants to have a word with Daniel, nothing confrontational, just to say no hard feelings. He wants to clear the air now him and Sinead are back together. As Chesney walks through the door of the Bistro with his good intentions, it’s just wrong place, wrong time and Chesney is caught in the crossfire. It is very clever how it is done. Chesney collapses and Daniel talks him round.

What was it like filming those dramatic scenes?

It was great fun, I’ve been here for quite a long time and I have never done anything like that. It was a challenge because Chesney is making kebabs most of the time but it was really cool to be involved in something different.

How was it filming with Rob Mallard, who plays Daniel?

I really get on with Rob so it was nice to not be hissing in each others faces for once! Daniel is trying to keep Chesney with it so it shows that Daniel is a decent person because even after all the stuff they have been through, he sees Chesney in that state and he comes to his aid. It was really nice scenes, it was sweet.

Do you think Daniel and Chesney could be friends one day?

I can’t see them sat in the Rovers having a pint together but after this it all depend where it goes in the future. Maybe Chesney can now see eye to eye with Daniel but I don’t know if they necessarily will become best buds.

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