Coronation Street’s Sam Robertson – Adam’s developed feelings for Eva!

Coronation Street’s Adam Barlow has joined forces with Eva Price in her revenge plot against cheating Aidan Connor – but now he’s mixing business and pleasure.

And next week the Weatherfield schemer is going to give into his feelings when he moves in for a kiss with her – but how will she react?

Here Sam Robertson, who plays Adam, reveals what’s in it for his character and how his feelings have developed…

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Did this whole thing start out as pure revenge on the Connors?

Yes absolutely, he saw an opportunity to get revenge on the Connors, it was all about that he wasn’t even thinking about Eva he just saw her as a vehicle to wreak havoc on the Connors. When he first came back to Weatherfield he wanted to get hold of his dad’s empire and this is the opening he has been waiting for to pounce and get what he feels is rightfully his.

As someone who is a plotter and schemer did he admire her revenge plan to get back at Aidan?

Yes he saw someone that he could work with. In the same way as he had sussed Todd out, he sees something in them both.

Has Eva been on his radar before now, has he had feelings for her?

No, I don’t think so but the closer they become the more they plot together and the more they achieve together, the further they get involved with each other he starts to develop feelings for her and starts to fancy her which takes him by surprise. It wasn’t his motivation in the beginning.

Is Adam as mercenary as he seems or is there more to him than that?

I think to an extent he seems almost sociopathic when it comes to money but we are starting to see different sides to him.

What is it about Adam that draws him to the underdog, Chesney, Eva, his friendship with Mary?

To a certain degree I think he sees himself as a bit of an underdog and that makes him want to fight their corner against people who treat them badly. He has always been a lone wolf, his parents died when he was young, he has had to fend for himself. There is something in helping these people that comes from that feeling of being an outsider. He is more passionate about people like that.

Does he know that Maria has seen him and Eva together plotting and has said something to Aidan?

No he’s oblivious to the fact that she is starting to suss something is going on and that is a dangerous position for him to be in as there is no love lost between him and Maria and certainly Maria and Eva.

What is his ultimate game plan?

Now it is to get the factory and the girl, he wants it all, he’s greedy he sees the opportunity and he wants everything, that may be his downfall that he tries to take too much.

What makes him try and kiss her?

He can see how she is genuinely hurt by what has been happening to her and when she suggests it might be an idea to go to France to spend some time with Stella she thanks him for everything he has done for, in that moment seeing her so vulnerable he acts on instinct.

Do they make a good couple

I think so, Cath is great to work with.  I’ve watched the scenes we have done and I think the chemistry if there between them . Adam has spent  spent the first nine months being on the periphery of other people’s relationships and having nothing of his own but that is like real life, as an outsider you are circling rund trying to find your place. people care about her and hopefully will see that Adam does care for her.

He’s a clever guy do you think he would be better knuckling down and making the legal business work?

Yes definitely he gets distracted by these get rich quick schemes , if he put his mind to it he could really make the business a success but he wants a bit of the bigger pie, he doesn’t just want to be an ambulance chaser. There is a lot of his dad in him and he wants to be a big player and if there is a short cut he will try and use it. His worst nightmare would be to be working on mundane injury claims he sees that as unchallenging and boring.

What is his relationship like now with his family?

Better than it was! He still wants his grandad to see him make a go of his business and make him proud and prove that he warranted a second chance. There is still some burning resentment there.

How has Adam changed since he first returned to Weatherfield? Are you enjoying seeing different sides to him?

I feel like there is more light in the character, he was quite sinister and he was quite charmless but that has switched and I can see there is a lot more comedy and he is more rounded. He isn’t a player where women are concerned – his relationship with Rosie has developed into a fun friendship and he seems to have  genuine feelings for Eva. He genuinely doesn’t think Aidan is good enough for Eva. It is the final aspect of the character we have not tapped into yet so I am looking forward to seeing this side of him.

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