Coronation Street’s Shayne Ward – Eva proposes to Aidan!

Coronation Street’s Aidan Connor is caught by surprise next week when Eva Price proposes to him.

The Underworld boss has been in a romance with Eva for months, but that’s not stopped him from having an affair with Maria Connor.

When Eva pops the question Aidan says yes, much to Maria’s horror. She’s forced to watch the happy couple head off to an engagement party that Eva’s planned for them.

When Maria walks into the bistro Aidan’s on pins, what has she come to say? Here Shayne Ward reveals who he thinks Aidan should be with…

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How is Aidan coping with having two women on the go?

Aidan is not coping at all, he’s now finding it difficult.

Has it been odd for you coming into work and having to snog two of your co-stars?

Not in the slightest, it’s an absolute breeze. Because I have known Cath and Samia for some time and I know their husbands, there is no awkwardness. It’s just a job and we actually have a laugh about it and say, “What a job we do!”

Does he maintain that he loves both Eva and Maria, or does Aidan secretly have stronger feelings for one more than the other?

Although Aidan’s feelings for Maria are getting stronger, he definitely loves Eva – it’s true, he does love two women! Maria instigated the affair to restart again but he’s gone along with it so both are to blame. He knows if he gets caught that could be the end of him and Eva but he just can’t help it.

How does he feel when Eva pops the question?

Aidan is completely shocked especially as just before Eva pops the question, Aidan is in the toilets with Maria, the naughty boy. He’s lost for words for quite sometime.

Does Aidan feel bad at all for Maria when he accepts?

Because he does love two women, he doesn’t want to hurt them but he can’t be with both. And because Eva asked him so publicly, he can’t come clean. More than anything it was a panic answer which will not go down well with Maria…

If you were Aidan’s friend, what advice would you give him?

Oh, I would have clipped him round the ear a long time ago! I would have said, “Mate, it’s not worth it.” I would have told him to be single.

Which woman do you think he should be with?

Mary – she would calm him down with her stories, she would be great! No, it’s an impossible question to answer because he doesn’t know who he wants to be with, he just wishes that he could find somebody with both their qualities.

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What reaction has Aidan’s infidelity gleaned from the audience?

Well it’s going to be interesting to see how the reaction changes as it plays out more onscreen. I am sure I am going to be getting a lot more of heated debates on Twitter but that’s part of it, it means that people are getting really involved into the storyline.

Has it surprised you how shameless he’s been about the affair?

It has now, before he didn’t really know what to do but now he can’t make up his mind but he knows exactly what he’s doing.

Is Sophie watching and what does she make of Aidan’s antics?

The other night as soon as I sat down, on the TV was Aidan snogging Maria and Sophie just looks at me and goes, “Oh yeah?” And then at the end of the scene, Aidan walks in and Eva is stood there, all sexy and Sophie goes, “Oh yeah?” – it was funny. But she’s absolutely fine because she acts herself, she has been in a lot kissing scenes and that is something that I have to expect when she goes back to work. We both know we keep work professional and we’ve got each other, I love the girl.

How is fatherhood treating you?

My little girl now is just over five months, she got her first swimming badge the other day and I was so delighted. I was so instantly proud, it was a beautiful moment.

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