Coronation Street’s Simon Gregson – Steve proposes to Leanne!

Coronation Street’s Steve McDonald is no stranger to a wedding and it seems he’s ready to tie the knot again.

In next week’s visit to Weatherfield Steve is going to pop the question to Leanne Battersby, determined to make them an official family with their son, Oliver.

Here Simon Gregson, who plays Steve, reveals why he hopes the couple never actually make it down the aisle.

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Why has Steve decided he wants to marry Leanne?

Because she is a very good mum and he has always tried to the right thing by the children which is why he asked Tracy Barlow to marry him even though he was not interested in her at all he thought he should do it for Amy. He is kind of thinking the same thing with Leanne although she is a million miles away from Tracy, she is a good person, a good mum and they have now each other since they were kids and they have a laugh and he thought – ‘maybe this time it could work’ .

What do you and Jane make of the idea?

It came completely out of the blue so Jane and I were wondering where it had come from but then after doing one scene with each other and having such a laugh we could see the dynamic of where the pair of them might go so it was a lot of fun and we started to see how there could be a future for them as a family. But there is no sexual chemistry between them – it worked once obviously but it isn’t really there which is going to make it tricky.

What advice would you give him?

I would tell him to go on holiday with the lads for a bit and chill out, get out of Weatherfield for a while and stay away from people who know him.

How’s it going between them prior to the proposal?

They are getting on really well which is why he starts thinking about it.

How is Michelle dealing with it?

Michelle is ok with it but it obviously comes as a bit of  a shock at first. Then she moves on she is still fuming with Steve and she is happy with Robert.

Do they make a good team in caring for him together?

They make a good team caring for him they have both got their faults. They are trying controlled crying. She is a bit too soft at first and then he is the hard one and then the other way round.

Has Liz encouraged the idea?

She has encouraged the idea in her own way, she is desperate for her son to settle down so she does push it a little bit.

How does Steve justify to the idea to Leanne?

He says that they get on, they have a child together, they make a good team let’s go for it! Hardly the most romantic proposal.

How many proposal scenes do you think you’ve filmed at this point?

He has proposed 6 times and had lots of marriages.

Which has been your favourite?

I couldn’t answer that I have loved working with all the actresses that Steve has fallen in love with.

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Do you fancy another screen wedding?

No, they are not fun to film there are just too many people involved in a small space and they take days, so no I’d prefer him not to marry again! And they have always filmed the ones I have been involved in during the winter months!

How are you finding filming with the baby who plays Oliver?

There are three of them , twins and then a single baby. All of them are an absolute dream to work with, very cute always laughing and giggling so at the moment perfect!

You’ve had plenty of practice – has real-life fatherhood helped?

I guess it helps yes, I don’t think blokes really take to babies unless they have had one themselves unlike women who coo over babies and want to hold them.

Who’s better at keeping him calm – you or Jane?

We are both pretty good, we are both parents so we know what to do. It helps that they are all happy babies.

How successfully is this storyline most likely to pan out?

I think it will go quite well purely because we just enjoy working with each other so much and I think that shows and comes across in the scenes, so there is a lot of scope for them in the future – it is about time Steve had some happiness, maybe this could be it!

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