Coronation Street’s Simon Gregson – Steve could be Tracy’s next victim

Coronation Street’s Simon Gregson has joked that he contacted his agent when he found out Steve McDonald and Tracy Barlow were to be reunited, fearing he was going to be killed off.

Tracy’s past behaviour doesn’t bode well for Steve and Simon admits his alter ego could end up in a body bag if he doesn’t watch out. And Steve’s not the only one worried about their reunion. Tracy and Steve’s daughter Amy is far from impressed.

Here Simon reveals all about their on-screen romance…

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So how did you feel when you found out Tracy and Steve were going to be doing the do again?

We were shocked. They were together ages ago and never really liked each other! She slept with my mum’s boyfriend. So yeah, it was like, she’s the perfect choice. Great! So we were a bit shocked but when we started playing it – cos obviously we’re very good friends and have a really good laugh – we put that into the relationship. And we’ve kind of surmised that it’s sexual. Tracy is, er, rude – which pleases Steve. That’s how we’re playing it!

Can you talk through how it all happens at the carol concert?

Steve’s been single for ages, and she’s been single for ages. They both just went: ‘Might as well.’

Amy’s far from impressed, will she play one against the other…

Oh yeah. There’s a lot of that. She’s very Tracy. And she just doesn’t see Tracy and Steve – her mum and dad – like that anymore. She’s gone through the divorce with them and now she’s quite happy. He lives there and she lives over there. This would be a huge change if all of a sudden they got back together. It would be weird for her. Sometimes they’re just better for her apart. I don’t think Amy wants to be in the middle of this, which is inevitably going to be some huge volcano.

Why can’t it work between them?

Because she’s a total cow. And a sociopath. And is just clearly mental! And Steve’s a bit of a pushover.

Is he not worried she’s going to cave his head in?

Well, there’s always that. Steve I think likes to go for danger. Karen could – well, Suranne – throw things round corners. I still to this day don’t know how she managed it. Karen liked to throw bowls and plates at him. Becky was a complete loonbag. I might have to ring my agent after this interview and see if I’ve got a contract. This might be it. She might hit me with a brush or something.

How will Liz react to them getting together?

I shouldn’t imagine she’ll be very pleased. The first thing that I think would come out of her mouth would be: ‘Hang on, she slept with my boyfriend.’

What are the romantic scenes like for you two to film?

They’re fine.. How long has it been now? 16 years? We’ve known each other for so long.

Have you got better at kissing?

I’ve got brilliant. I face the right way now and everything! We’re always getting the mints out. ‘Does my breath smell?’ But then we ask each other, which is not the point!

Could Steve never have deep feelings for Tracy…could they at this stage in their lives?

It’s highly possible. Maybe he could mellow her. Doubtful.

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