Coronation Street’s Simon Gregson – Steve wants to do the right thing by his son

Coronation Street’s Steve McDonald is desperate to do the right thing by his son now his baby secret has been revealed.

But it seems the two women in his life are not going to make things easy as Michelle McDonald tries to sabotage him and Leanne Battersby refuses to give in to him.

Things kick off when Michelle finds a photo Steve’s taken of him, Leanne and their son and sends it to Nick Tilsley, determined to drive a wedge between them all.

It seems to work because as Leanne goes to register their son’s birth, Steve faces a battle to be legally recognised as his father.

Here Simon Gregson admits Steve’s determined to do what is right for Oliver and still thinks he has a chance or reuniting with Michelle…

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How has Steve been feeling since Oli’s birth?

He is confused about what to do for the best, as soon as Oli was born he was knocked for six and when he by accident got to hold him he couldn’t keep quiet any longer. The emotions he had been burying just come out and now he is having to deal with the consequences.

Do you think he’d feel the same if Ruairi had survived?

I think all his concentration and time and love would have gone into caring for Ruari. Maybe as Ruari started to grow up he would have started to wonder about Oliver. It has been accelerated by the fact that he has lost a baby and there is a baby that is also his. But then maybe he would have still said something and would have wanted Ruairi to know he had a brother.

Does he regret coming clean?

He only regrets it because of what has happened because of him opening up. Deep down he feels he has done the right thing by his son. He couldn’t live with the guilt any more and he just wanted to be honest and ot have any lies.

How is he coping without Michelle?

I think he is still living in hope that they are going to get back together he is blissfully unaware of how serious it is. Because of the sort of relationship they have always had he thinks this is another blip he can overcome and he has not grasped the enormity of this betrayal and how is has affected Michelle.

How confident is he that he’ll sort access with Leanne?

He is confident Leanne will play ball his only hurdle is Nick. He is worried about his influence because he can also be unstable. And he had the agreement with nick that he would stay quiet and stay away. But Nick doesn’t have anything over him any more so he will face him head on, but Nick is a loose cannon so it is risky.

How shocked is he by Michelle sending the photo of Steve and Oli to Nick?

He doesn’t know she had got the photo, but of course this is something which is really going to rile Nick and cause him a problem trying to move things on with Leanne and access to Oliver.

Does it make him more determined?

He is very determined to have access to his son, he has lost one son, he doesn’t want to lose another. He doesn’t want to take over and be his full time dad he just wants his son to know he is his dad and there for him. Leane is not against that as she can see it is the right thing to do it is only Nick who is standing in the way.

What happens at the register office?

Steve bursts in and pleads with Leanne to out his name on the birth certificate, this is important to him, he isn’t thinking about the legal rights he just wants to do the right thing by his son.

What advice would you give him if he were a friend of yours?

I like Steve and I would try and tell him to think  about his actions and how they are affecting other people. He isn’t being selfish but he is going at this a bit all guns blazing and he perhaps needs to take a step back and tackle it in a different way.

What do you make of the predicament?

It is a typical Steve McDonald mess isn’t it! He always try to do the right thing but does it in the wrong way. He isn’t thinking about the emotions, he acts first and thinks afterwards.

How are you finding the rowing scenes with Michelle?

It is always great working with Kym whether Steve and Michelle are joking or rowing but I prefer it when they aren’t falling out.

Will we see a brand new side of Steve?

Well he will have to grow up a bit and sort out this mess so I don’t think we will be seeing Steve the joker for a while.

How would Steve feel if she got together with Robert?

He would be beside himself. He loves Michelle to bits, it’s not as if he fancies Leanne and wants to get with her this is just about the baby. So the thought of someone else touching Michelle will send him wild.

How would you like to see everything turning out?

I’d like it if he might become a bit obsessed with Michelle and Robert and started following them everywhere, maybe he could wear different disguises and turn up wherever they are..hahaha! I don’t know what is going to happen but the writers are sure to come up with some new drama for Steve I’m sure. Will he manages to keep the Rovers or is this the end of Steve as landlord

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