Coronation Street’s Tina O’Brien – Sarah fears for Bethany’s safety

Coronation Street’s Sarah Platt is in for a shock next week when she finally comes face to face with Bethany’s boyfriend.

The week starts with Mel seeking out Bethany, telling her Nathan’s been wrongly arrested for assault and needs an alibi, worried he won’t make Sarah’s dinner, Bethany resolve to do what she can to secure Nathan’s release.

Calling at the police station Bethany gives a false statement, making out Nathan was with her on the evening of the assault.

Nathan’s released and Bethany’s thrilled as he tells her how amazing she is. But as they head to the Platts how will Sarah and Gary react to realise that Nathan is older than they are?

Here, Tina O’Brien, who plays Sarah, says her alter ego fears Bethany is being taken advantage of…

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What does Sarah know about Nathan and the relationship Bethany has with him?

Sarah has been told a limited amount from Bethany, she manages to get out of Bethany that she is seeing somebody but that is the extent of it. Rana has said that he is older but Bethany plays this off as he is just a couple of years older so Sarah doesn’t have a clue that Bethany is about to bring this guy home who is the same age or even older than Sarah.

Why does Sarah leave a voicemail for Nathan inviting him round?

Sarah invites Nathan round for tea because she feels that Bethany is pushing her out. Sarah feels like she needs to do this to find out who Nathan is and what he is about so if she invites him over she thinks she can be nosey but she may also be able to control the situation better. The fact that Bethany is keeping so quiet makes Sarah very suspicious.

What are her first thoughts when she meets Nathan for the first time?

The initial thought is, ‘Gosh, he is so much older than Bethany’ but Sarah tries to bluff her way through it as she feels the second she starts to question Nathan in front of Bethany it is going to make Bethany lose it, want to leave and want to be with Nathan.

Why does she decide to appease their relationship in spite of Gary’s reservations?

Sarah feels that if she can let Bethany think that everything is alright then maybe Bethany will see for herself that this relationship is not a good thing. She thinks by doing it this way she is more likely to keep her daughter closer to her and Sarah doesn’t want to push Bethany away.

Do you feel Bethany’s story echoes Sarah’s Internet grooming story?

There are similarities in terms of the man Sarah went to meet was a lot older. When she went to meet him she thought he was 18/19 years old but he was more like a man in his 40s, a much older man. The difference, how Sarah explains it, is that Bethany was bullied, she was treated badly in the past and she has low self esteem so an older man showering her with attention probably flatters her ego.

With Gary and Sarah intending to buy a house together, would you be happy having Mikey North as a long term on-screen partner?

I really love working with Mikey. Sarah hasn’t really had that happiness before and since she came back to Coronation Street she had so much drama with Callum so it is nice for her to now have somebody who really cares about her and has her back. I would happily have that continue.

What have you made of all the work Lucy Fallon has been doing on screen recently?

I love working with Lucy because she is so easy to work with. She turns up, knows her lines, does her job, makes it look easy and nails it every single time. She is a brilliant actress and I love working with her.

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