Coronation Street’s Vic Reeves hints he could become a full time character

Coronation Street’s latest recruit has revealed he could be stepping onto the cobbles for longer than he expected.

Comic Vic Reeves – real name Jim Moir – has joined the show as busybody newsagent Colin who is set to make Mary Taylor and Norris Cole’s life more complicated over the coming weeks.

But he says that while he’s only in the show for three months this time around, his exit is “open” and could see him return in the future.

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He said: “There’s only one programme I’ve watched my whole life and it’s Corrie – it’s a great institution and I’m in it!

“It’s a privilege. I was asked initially by Stuart Blackburn, I said yeah of course I would! Then he left and then Kate took over and I got a sticker on my door at Hammersmith Odeon saying would I like to be in Corrie again so I gave her a ring.

“I suppose this all started about two and a half or three years ago so it takes that long and I said yes. I’m here for three months. And then I disappear, though not in a bad way, so I could probably come back.

“I’ve seen what happens to me at the end and it’s open.”

Talking about his backstory, he revealed: “Well he had a string of newsagents which he lost when he got divorced and his wife turned into a string of yoghurt shops.

“So he works for News Co which is an umbrella company for a lot of newsagents in the North West. He wants to get his string of newsagents back… and that’s as much as I can tell you!

“He has an up and down relationship with Norris – it gets a bit love and hate. By the time I leave, I will have just about worked Colin out. He’s a weird one.”

Asked what he felt walking on set for the first time, he laughed: “It’s a bit like you’re first day at secondary school, at big school which a lot of kids will relate to right now – my two included.

“I was and then all of a sudden it kind of disappears because everyone’s so nice and you make friends pretty quick. It’s a really nice environment, a great environment to be in.”

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